Ninja Gaiden 2 and many more heading to Xbox360.

Team Ninja's Lead designer "Tomonobu Itagaki" has a great love for the Xbox platform and in his interview with IGN had a whole bunch of things to say about his future projects, "I just want everyone to know that we are going to continue bringing out the newest releases on the Xbox platform before they're on other systems" and he has at least 5 titles lined up for Xbox360 owners including "Ninja Gaiden 2" & "Code Cronus", enjoy.

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TheMART5865d ago

Damn nice, Ninja Gaiden 2 such a great example again from innovative exclusives only on 360.

Gimme the game!

USMChardcharger5865d ago

everyday i wake up and log on to the net, i am always greeted with more reason of why it is good to own a 360. i am in my happy place. Thank you Tomonobu Itagaki for the 1st good reason for today...(so far)

Marriot VP5865d ago

haha you said it brother, games I didn't even expect to be made on the 360 are exclusively. Games I originally had no interest in like gow, lost planet, mass effect, SC, and a few other AAA.

I really just bought it for halo 3 and now I'm overwhelmed with new incredible games.

Dusk5865d ago

It's really good the he's so supportive of the Xbox/360.Team Ninja and Capcom, who have so far been coming through with flying colors for the 360, are turning out to be a nice potent combo for 360 owners.

Islandkiwi5865d ago

Ninja Gaiden...argh! It's so hard!

But you know what? I respect that. I'm looking forward to getting my ass handed to me with NG2!

USMChardcharger5865d ago

lol, i hear ya. anyone else notice that when playing Ninja G. that your over all gaming skills would go up (reflexes).

i would play a few sessions of 'ol Ninja G. and then jump on (at the time) GR:summit strike and would kick some A$$.

no_more_heroes5865d ago (Edited 5865d ago )

And yes, after playing through Ninja Gaiden I definately feel more skillful. The first time I played through it it took me more than 40hrs. The second time, it barely took me 12hrs to beat fully. This is what I've learned:
2. You have combos,use them. Don't just rely on one combo too long.
3. Blocking and dodging at the right time is REALLY helpful.
4. Upgrade your weapons AS SOON AS YOU GET A CHANCE TO.
5. USE aformentioned upgraded weapons.
Following these methods will make the game that much easier.

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