New FemShep Image Released

BioWare have just confirmed via their live stream that the read headed Shepard is now the official look for the female variation of Commander Shepard in Mass Effect and also released a new image to celebrate.

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SasquatchXD2609d ago

The second picture is awesome, but she still looks like she's a high school student.

ATi_Elite2609d ago

or you just WISH she was a high school student. lol j/k

Quagmire2609d ago

Yea, agreed, she looks too young. AT least the original FemShep looked like an ass-kicking woman.

But damn if I wouldnt want to do the nasty to her.

Romudeth2609d ago

I approve! Now I want to see an in game image.

2609d ago
Spenok2609d ago

Not that I mind a red headed female shepard, but why did they change her in the first place? I haven't been following this.

FrightfulActions2609d ago

In the first two Mass Effect games, Femshep didn't have a real 'default' character model - she was just presets. To clarify, you couldn't alter the default male Shepard, your customization will be done on one of the presets but not the default model. Mass Effect would let you edit the default Femshep because she wasn't actually a special model built to be default - she was just the first preset option. Mass Effect 3 will give femshep her own model just like maleshep, and this model will be used to represent her in the game trailers/cover art.

Spenok2608d ago

Ah, well thanks for the clarification.

Seems a little late to finally be giving her a default set up lol.

Its kind of funny because i always ran with a female shepard, and she was always red headed xD

greyhaven332609d ago

Looks good, its actually how I pictured the female shepard would look

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