Massive BF3 tournament to be held on an aircraft carrier!

SANTA CLARA, Calif. August 26, 2011 Attention gamers! NVIDIA today announced that the next GeForce LAN number 6 if you are counting will be held October 14th through 16th, 2011 on the Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet in Alameda, CA. This year we will be showcasing the highly anticipated shooter, Battlefield 3. Come play to see why this game is sending PC gamers around the world into a veritable frenzy.

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evrfighter2611d ago

not suprised.

first shipment of bf2 was brought into ea headquarters by a huey

AO1JMM2610d ago

Should have been in San Diego CA on the USS Midway across the bay from active Aircraft Carriers.

ATi_Elite2610d ago

Maybe for BF4 they hold a Lan party inside a Nuclear Sub sitting on the ocean floor!