New Mass Effect 3 screens reveal mystery turian

Oh god, where is Garrus?! OK... OK. Let's calm down for a minute. Surely there's a reasonable explanation for this. It's probably just the stand-in palette-swap turian for assholes who imported a save where Garrus was dead. Right? BioWare wouldn't pull another Grunt on us, would they? I mean, we obviously know already that Garrus is in Mass Effect 3, so there's really nothing to worry about. Let's sooth our fears by looking at the other screens...

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TronEOL2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

*Slight ME2 spoilers ahead*

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It may be Garrus's "friend" you can choose to save or kill during his loyalty mission. Since Bioware did say people will be dead, or alive, depending on your ME2 ending. This guy may replace Garrus if he died in your finale and if you chose to keep him (his friend) alive (or just didn't do Garrus's loyalty mission).

Blacktric2661d ago

You mean Sidonis? He has purple stripes on the side of his chin while that Turian in the screenshot doesn't seem to have them. But other than that small detail, they're very identical.

2661d ago
Godmars2902661d ago

Maybe he just got his face fixed and some new armor.

Blacktric2661d ago

Turians don't erase their facepaints though, so it can't be Garrus. Besides, this Turian has much more extensions going out of his head in comparison to Garrus.

rabidpancakeburglar2661d ago

Could just be a bystander, not likely though

Lozo2661d ago

hmmm.....looks like that C-Sec guy from the first game (forgot his name).

Beany2661d ago

The texture resolution on the armour seems too low to belong to a major character.

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