It's Official, Minecraft Gets a Hunger Meter

Straight from PAX Prime 2011: Notch has made survival in Minecraft more precarious by introducing a hunger meter. This hunger meter complements the health meter and will either prevent any health gained from food unless it is full or it will slowly empty to heal you.

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soundslike2610d ago

my interest in this game just increased greatly

xruiner892610d ago

It will be optional to play with the hunger meter.

lzim2610d ago

something a bit off topic, but this almost makes Minecraft seem appealing. I read that and though about a multiplayer version of keflings where players try to draw hungry NPCs like keflings to their towns which are built from the hard work of players block by block. Once they're in you'd need to keep them interested in staying in your town (like sim city) by managing their lives through good security, education and industry without direct control. Not quite Minecraft and way beyond adding a hunger meter but I hope that's where it could be headed.

evrfighter2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Not a bad idea but I'd like to control them like recruiting them as workers or soldiers. It would be up to me to supply them with armor and weapons and giving them patrol orders by placing flags as waypoints would be pretty nifty.

of course there would have to be some purpose to this so it would be to protect the npc village from a random monster attack that would if successful leave the npc village devastated.

lzim2609d ago

exactly, like Majesty 2, or black and white 1&2

When war is declared, as long as there is a building for armour, they go put it on, find weapons and go fight. You can tune where the battles are focused (if it comes to fighting), otherwise end it diplomatically. there's potential there.

DarkBlood2610d ago

lol i thought i read "huge meter"

Lazyeye792610d ago

Your not the only one lol

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