Gamestop $50 Gift Card is a $50 Slap in the Face (StrengthGamer)

Anthony Accinelli of StrengthGamer writes, "When I received the news that Gamestop's apology for opening brand new games, stealing the promo code for the cloud version of said game, then selling it as "new" was a $50 gift card and a free used game after you buy two used games, I was at a loss of words. In fact, the only sentences I could sputter were:

"Seriously?",  "Are you freaking kidding me?", "Is this a joke?", and my favorite one, "Haha thanks you guys".

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jc485732608d ago

I use the place to rent games. I don't do anything illegal. There are times when I get a cheap bad copy at ebay, which still works, but I always end up swapping it with the good copies at gamestop. I've been trying to cut back on that lol.

ATi_Elite2608d ago

in the words of a great orator!

"Phuck em"

I'm no fan of Gamestop so do as you must and that picture in the top right corner of the crying kid is funny!

jc485732608d ago

really, I haven't done any business with Gamestop in a long time. My real last purchase was Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition, which I regret doing so. Some people there know how to lie to their customers and I hate that because I've been shopping for many years, but they still think customers know nothing.

Ulf2608d ago

GameStop doesn't check the discs, they just resell them, and gladly accept returns. Luckily for poor GameStop, a large portion of their used sales are Moms buying for Johnny's birthday, and Johnny just can't figure out why his game won't work, and/or the receipt gets misplaced.

Oops. Also *cha-ching*, $$$. Don't worry, you're not hurting GameStop with your crappy eBay games. You're hurting other consumers instead, and that's fine by GS.

2pacalypsenow2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

The chances of finding a game so scratched you cant play it are slim and even then they will still replace it by scanning the barcode

MrBeatdown2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

I'm no fan of GS, but this guy is just trying to find reasons to be angry.

Gamestop is accepting returns. So if the Onlive thing is a big deal, return it, and take your money and go buy it elsewhere.

Or you could just take the $50 which gets you're a whole new second game for free. I know I'd much prefer a brand new PC game than an OnLive version of a game I already own.

And crying about the coupon is just stupid, since your already getting enough money to get a free, brand new, new release PC game. It's not like the coupon is making or breaking the deal here.

Hell, I'm not sure on the details, but maybe you can do the return, get DX elsewhere, and still get the $50 gift card.

I don't see how anyone can complain about that.

StupidDude2608d ago

Welcome to the generation of entitlement.

Ulf2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

You have to trade-in the DX receipt to get the gift card (i.e. you cannot return it as well), and the buy 2 get one free used deal is always going on.

That said, $50 is a good-sized gift card. Its more the fact that they didn't make arrangements to do this beforehand, which is the problem. Statistically only about 10-15% of customers will take them up on the receipt trade-in offer, which is way better than handing out 100% to all consumers. I'm sure that's why they pulled this stunt in the first place -- they're trying to make themselves look generous, despite having removed $50 of value from an item they just sold you, knowing that only a few customers will actually take them up on the offer.

Welcome to Shady Business and PR Stunts 101, with your instructor, Mr. GameStop. Scenarios like this, involving millions of dollars, don't simply play out -- they are planned.

radphil2607d ago


There's a few things off with your statement.

1) When you said they can't return the game as well, if you're taking up the offer, you more than likely already used the game to begin with, and since it's a PC game, when was the last time you heard any retail location returning a used PC game considering many games use Keys to register the game.

2) Statistically you said 10-15% of people will take up the offer. If that's the case, then that's around the same amount that would have cared to use the Onlive coupon then.

TheWolverine2608d ago

just more pissy complaints. ok it happened, get over it.

frelyler2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

No it's not being pissy. Gamestop opened copies of something new, tampered with it and then tried to sell it as new. That is illegal and a big no no, especially if they did not notify the general public. Consumer protection should be involved and slap them with a heavy fine. One has to wonder how they knew to take out the vouchers in the first place if they claim they were never notified. Has Shaddy written all over it and for people to say stop complaining is very wrong. A major business deceived the public and made a profit off of it, that is wrong, no need to tell people they are whiners. Would you have told the Jews to stop whining during WWII. The more people lay down and let corporations roll over them like this the more they are going to pull shit like this and it will only get worse. Imagine buying a car being told it was new and then finding out it was used, that is pretty shitty my friend.

MrBeatdown2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

"Would you have told the Jews to stop whining during WWII."

You're actually comparing GameStop removing Onlive vouchers to the Holocaust?

frelyler2606d ago

Nope. Just using it as an example. If you roll over all the time and just say something is not a big deal bc it didn't effect you personally then. Ompanies will keep taking advantage. If I was comparing the holocaust I would have gone on to list the ways they are similar, but I didn't now did. No, I used it as an example to support my thesis statment. Next time don't put words in my mouth and try to actualyy use comprehension.

MrBeatdown2605d ago

I'm not putting words in your mouth.

Comparing, using it as an example, or whatever you want to call it, bring up the Holocaust to prove a point relating to GameStop is just ridiculous.

Whining about GameStop taking your Onlive voucher, then allowing you to return it, or get a $50 gift card is a hell of a lot different than "whining" because you're a victim of mass genocide.

creepjack2608d ago

People are such freakin drama queens. They are pretty much giving you the game free, and yet you still complain? I think people just like to hear themselves complain because they think it makes them relevant somehow in their lonely basement world.

ScubaSteve12608d ago

gamestop didnt have to give anything for free. yet people complain over free stuff

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