Mass Effect 3 New Video Trailer From PAX

Are you interested about the upcoming releasing of the sequel famous game Mass Effect? Here is the latest Hands-on video of Mass Effect which is revealed in PAX.

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BrightFalls762662d ago

I like how fluid the melee combat is between moving and the actual takedown. DeusEx:HR has the worst takedowns, hit the circle button and screen goes black for a moment to load take down animation, then back to black to a different angle where your character is.

SageHonor2662d ago

haha but Deus ex takedowns look cool. the fade to black does take me away from the " Immersion "

RedDead2662d ago

My single problem with Deus Ex so far is the takedowns, they've replace Melee combat with Takedowns. Not a god choice imo. Still thoguh, the game is savage and one of the best in years, certainly better than ME ;I

Twizlex2662d ago

I don't hate Deus Ex: HR's takedowns, but I don't love them either. It's a cool game so far but not as good as the original. Mass Effect 3, on the other hand, looks like it'll be the best parts from ME1 and ME2 combined. Fingers crossed!

SageHonor2662d ago

There wasnt anything new in this video.. who approved this?? Dumbass..

All of this stuff was available on youtube prior to PAX.. including that gamescon trailer..

WhiteLightning2662d ago

I miss the old combat from ME. I'm not saying this dosen't look good, I think it looks great but it's like evry other third person shooter now. In ME it was like...

Plan battle approach
Shoot...wait for weapon to cool down
Use biotics....wait for biotics to charge
Use teams biotics
Shoot again....etc
Move team around

You actualy had to rely on your team while you wait for your weapons to cool down, now thanks to thermal clips it's just...

bang bang bang
move on to new area
bang bang bang...etc

What happened to Bioware

UnRated2662d ago

Play the game on harder difficulty settings and try not to use Biotic powers in ME2. See how easy is to die.

BrightFalls762662d ago

I agree that the way gameplay was set in the first game was much more engaging. The mechanics on part 2 were fantastic but did feel repetitive. ME1 never felt that way to me.

I'm by no means a big RPG fan so I don't need something over the top but a little more RPG and a little less Gears of War in the 3rd installment would go a long way for me.

WhiteLightning2662d ago

Exactly...for me the cool down weapons were refreshing because they were crpa at the start and it made you plan out fights and choose the right squad that matched your unique class.

Then in Mass Effect 2 most of the other classes got the same guns. My Vanguard got the Assault Training half way through the game and it didn't matter what squad I picked, unlike ME where the best two classes to pick for a Vanguard was Kaiden and Wrex.

In Mass Effect 3 apparently all weapons can be used by every class.

SSKILLZ2662d ago

Mass boner Effect sing* !

JoshuaN4G2662d ago

There was no new trailer in that video...

Solans Scott2662d ago

Got my hopes up for nothing

techgamer2662d ago

its not a new trailer its new video my bro

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