Media Create hardware totals for June/July

Find out which system came out on top in Japan for the months of June and July.

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vglulz2612d ago

Good to see the 3DS on top.

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Dwalls11712612d ago

Looks like the psp is alive and well also...cant wait for vita

-LUKE_SKYWALKER-2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

You know whats funny about all this my console is better than yours BS - the fact that it keeps repeating every time these number come up and MS SONY and Nintendo are not going anywhere and will still be here next gen.

Those wishing for x company to die are in for a rude surprise because in reality all 3 companies are making a profit. Sure both Sony and MS would love to do Wii numbers but being No.1 is not as important asking making a profit.

Keep playing the copy and paste numbers games because next gen the cycle will start all over.

miDnIghtEr2611d ago

The funny part about it is that everyone still thinks Japan matters. Japan matters for game sales as much as Australia.

MaximusPrime2612d ago

all but xbox 360 rose greatly from previous month. good job.

Xbox 360 slightly dropped but it shows that minority of Japanese still buying it despite reports of some retailers discontinuing selling it.

MaximusPrime2612d ago

ooo disagree fairies. probably illiterate truants

Drekken2612d ago

Lol, I the n4g xbox spinsters just keep on spinning.

king dong2611d ago

both 360 and ps3 fanboys are pathetic! and i am sure i will see you in the npd thread that will drop in a couple of weeks.

Muerte24942611d ago

Yea MaximusPrime,
I guess people didn't read the "All but" part of your sentence before disagreeing. I also love how people love to say that Microsoft is still 3million consoles ahead of ps3. How many different chipset has the 360 had already? Falcon/Jasper/Slim with both Falcon/Jasper promising to eliminate RROD and the SLIM was the only one who managed to do so. They're called repurchases people. That's why when NPD rolls out you don't see the direct translation of the 25million+ install base over to game sales.

SixZeroFour2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

1. rrod replacements are refurbed, refurbed are previously sold fixed units, doesnt count as a new sale

2. buying replacements arent the only reason ppl would rebuy the same console...ive know 2 friends that have 2 ps3 each for different rooms or cause of siblings and 2 ppl (one is myself) with 2 working 360s for the same cant possibly assume that 360 owners are the only ones buying multiple consoles of the same brand

3. a direct translation between hardware and software totals of any given month could be skewed for any number of games worth buying, games wanted arent released yet, etc

EDIT: replaced 1 with 2 for ppl with multiple 360s

Muerte24942611d ago

Microsoft didn't start covering RRODs until late 2006 after they were slapped with a fat lawsuit. In between that time people had no other choice but to repurchase another 360. I'm living proof of this. RROD was not covered in anyone's warranty. Since it was the only Next gen system available at the time you didn't really have a choice. When I say games, I mean exclusives.

bozebo2611d ago

I have also purchased multiple new 360s.

A bit of a waste considering the only games that were worthwhile (excluding multiplats) were Halo and Lost Odyssey.

My flatmate is on his second, and I know 3 other people also on their second.

MOTY2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I have had this conversation before with someone and so I decided to do a little figuring out.

Muerte you have a point. The 3 year warranty wasn't introduced until a year later, which replaced the 1 year warranty that was on the 360.

After I had finished my calculations determining at which points the console wouldn't have been covered and using the OFFICIAL faulty console percentage of 36.4% and NOT the BS 56.4% that many on this site like to think the accurate number.

Basically all in all, it cam down to this. It it POSSIB:E but NOT PROBABLE (unless MS give out actual numbers) that there could have been around 3 million console replacements.

Which means MS COULD have sold around 6 million consoles to the same single 360 console owner, 3 million for the initial and then 3 million for a replacement that were out of warranty during the first year and a half.

Now 3 million repurchases is NOTHING considering MS have sold roughly 55 million consoles ytd.

If you were one that bought a new 360 due to the out of warranty RROD, then I feel bad for ya as you repurchased it during a time where the 360 was at it's most expensive price.

However, I would like to know how many people had to pay $125 for PS3 repairs that were not covered under warranty or because the 1 year warranty expired. I would also like to know how many people replaced their PS3 due to YLOD simply because the 1 year warranty expired. As of right now for the last 4 years, the PS3 has a 1 year warranty while the 360 has a 3 year warranty. So the last 4 years it is possible that more PS3 owners have had to replace their PS3's than 360 owners.

Currently Sony have stated that their failure rate is 3% which is the acceptable business standard rate. No other proof would determine otherwise so lets accept it at 3%. That means that about 1.4 million PS3 up to the year 2010 possibly but NOT probably could have had to be repurchased due to faulty hardware outside of their warranty. That means Sony could have gotten roughly 2.8 million sales off of single owner purchases. Still way below the 6 million MS could possibly but not probably have had.

That is almost a 3 million difference and I would say that MS and Sony are tied right now sales wise and that both are owning the same amount of market.

But, it is what it is and the 360 still managers to sell strong despite it's questionable faulty first year and a half launch.

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v1c1ous2612d ago

by this argument, sony should get out of all markets except japan with the PSP

Biggest2612d ago

First of all. . . What argument? Does the PSP sell as "well" around the world as the 360 does in Japan? I'd imagine that it sells quite a bit better.

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