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Craig Pearson at PC Gamer writes:Team Fortress 2 is the best game I’ve ever played. Over the last three and a half years I’ve clocked up 666 hours on Badwater and Dustbowl. I’ve stabbed, shot, cloaked, crafted, traded and unlocked my way to a backpack full of awesome weapons and hats. Where Team Fortress 2 is now, with its ridiculous weapons, headgear and recipes, is a long way from the lean multiplayer shooter it launched as.

And now it’s free. Imagine people on servers freezing at the news: the Red Scout’s fish flopping in his hand, the Blu Soldier raising his frying pan, about to crown a Pyro before stopping and looking around. All this? Free? Really?

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JDW2636d ago

So much content has been added to this game since launch, and with the game now bearing the "free to play" moniker, it seems only natural that another review was needed to offer a fresh perspective on this game.

Oh yeah, and I agree with the review....this is still an awesome game.

Yi-Long2636d ago

... it seems the 360 and PS3 versions have been left to gather dust, when it comes to updates and patches and such. Sadly.

I really enjoyed the game, but there were too many tmes you'd come into a session which was 'modded' or whatever, and it was a complete mess. That very quickly took all the fun out of it.

jeremyKX2636d ago

Great score. If all the reviewers reviewed it now after the 200+ updates, it would have such a higher score.