Why the Razer Blade Won’t Save PC Gaming

Blair takes a look at where Razer have went wrong with their marketing for the Blade, and why it won't save PC gaming - it doesn't need to.

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cannon88002635d ago

Just the price alone will make many people's wallets hurt.

fluffydelusions2635d ago

Yeah, I can't really picture it being a great seller especially when you can get an Asus Republic of Gamers laptop for half that and still max out the majority if not all games.

Bull5hifT2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

I do love my asus outta the box, it ran crysis on medium great and call of duty 4 smooth and dirt 2 flawless, mass effect 2 and left for dead 2 and Portal 2 great ,max payne 2 awesome, and i bought it in around the end of 08 haa ha

SilentNegotiator2635d ago

The price is bad, but they REALLY screwed up on the marketing. They got the attention of PC gamers who don't like "console limitations" and then they announced a gaming LAPTOP.

They basically pissed all over console gamers by calling them "conformists" and then asked them to buy their product.

And it- oh never mind, I already wrote an entire blog on the matter.

turgore2635d ago

Hmm...for 2800 Dollars you can get
A Ps3, an xbox 360, a wii, a decent computer gaming system (let's make it $1000 worth), a 3ds, a PSvita, a wii U possibly and have money left over to buy games.

Jormungandr2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

When did razer say their product would save pc gaming? I must have missed that part of the advertising campaign. I thought they said pc gaming is not dead.

The article even acknowledges all that in the first paragraph or so and then, completely at random, starts talking about how razer's product will not bring people back to pc gaming.

Again... when did razer say it would? I took it as them saying "pc gaming is not dead... so if you are a pc gamer hang with us and well hook you up with awesome gear." As obvious of a statement as that is sometimes telling people what they already know makes them think you "get" the things that they think only they understand... that you're some one they can hang out with and to shoot the breeze. Marketing is psychology scaled up to international scale and then put into practice.

*sigh* I'm not a big fan of razer... as a matter of fact the only product I have ever bought from then will almost certainly be the last. But I have very little patience for authors putting words in a company's mouths and then proving those words wrong and thinking it makes them look good. It doesn't... it makes them look like idiots... and it makes it look like they think their readers are idiots too.

OpenGL2635d ago

You're right, Razer didn't say anything about this product saving PC gaming, but Kotaku did and I believe that's what most of these articles are responding to.

I personally think that the laptop Razer is making looks quite nice, but has some serious pricing issues, especially considering the hardware it is shipping with. I mean seriously, a dual core i7, Geforce GT 555M, and a 320GB hard drive for $2800? It doesn't even have Blu-ray or an SSD at that price?

It also seems silly that they keep talking about the portability of a 17" laptop that weighs 7lbs.

Jormungandr2634d ago

I totally agree. I mean the touchpade/lcd screen idea is pretty cool... but not for that price. And it *is* rather portable... compared to the 14lb monstrosities most road-warrior gamers end up using.

But... yeah... no... no chance of me buying this (even if it wasn't a razer product) and no chance of any one I know buying this. So I totally agree with you there.

If anything the mistake razer made was using a subject most pc gamers feal really strongly about in the form of a rallying cry... and then when every one was properly whipped into a frothing frenzy they dropped a product next to no one wants as the prize.

I was hopping for something a little more... I dunno... earth shaking. So was every one else. And instead we got Yet-Another-Product-Launch. The history books are overflowing with the horrific bad ends that revolutionary leaders have suffered at the hands of their own followers once the followers realized they were being used... people really don't like that.

Razer may get a lot of attention to their product... but they are going to get a lot of bad attention for themselves. This is going to hurt them in the long run. (and I'm glad of it... they really need to be taken down a notch or 50).

Asgaro2635d ago

Yes they DID say this!

Before the reveal there was a teaser site:
A robotic voice was saying stuff like "this will save pc gaming" and "there won't be any more shoddy console ports".
"We will seek to end the silence and bring a new age of openness and innovation to gaming".


Jormungandr2634d ago

no it did not say those things. You need to see a doctor to get those voices seen about. Seriously.

Publicglutton2635d ago

PC gaming is NOT dying so this article is a waste of time.

SonyNGP2635d ago

"it doesn't need to."

Game, set and match. Better luck netx time, Razer.

Skynetone2635d ago

its a dual core for $2.800, youed want to be some sucker

FlameBaitGod2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

2.8GHz Intel Core i7 2640M Processor
8GB DDR3 RAM with a 320GB 7200rpm SATA HDD
NVIDIA GeForce GT555M GPU (2GB dedicated VRAM)

turgore2635d ago

If I were Bill Gates I wouldn't buy this product.

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