Check out the guns available in PS3-version Medal of Honor: Airborne

Check out all the guns you can use in Medal of Honor: Airborne on the PlayStation 3 in the new 'PS3 Firepower Trailer'. The game is planned to release on November 16. Other versions are already available. You can watch the trailer on Dutch gaming website

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Bolts4933d ago

Its too little, too late. Maybe if this was released in Sept then maybe the game starved PS3 owners might give a damn, but now a days PS3 gamers are up to their ears in good games.

Mark this one up as yet another EA bomb.

Ares844933d ago

This will be no exeption!! Can't wait to get this game!! Will be awsome!

And with all honesty I don't give a damn about how you hate MoH Airborn or how bad you think it is!

beavis4play4933d ago

but EA just continues to screw up. if they put this out in sept. then it gets bought because not as many games out then. now, there is ratchet,HS, warhawk,COD4,AC, uncharted next week, haze after that, UT3 after that. MOH airborne will get lost in the shuffle.