What Ever Happened To Data-Fly?

The Silent Chief: Remember a little know game called Data-Fly in development by ORiGO-GAMES? If not then you’re forgiven.

The sci-fi action adventure game was first teased in 2006 as an XBox exclusive only to resurface three years later for both the 360 and PS3 with a new teaser trailer and concept art. Since then any new information regarding this mystery game has been hard to find…until now.

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DigitalRaptor2662d ago

I remember this game from when it was revealed on and wondered where it went but here's a statement from their offical website:

"Currently, Data-Fly is still however a work in progress. We are currently exploring more mediums and we will be announcing more about this unique title in 2011. There is no ETA for release at this time, but fear not. You may see a prelude to the game soon enough."

YourFlyness2661d ago

Off topic, but whatever happen to the game company Data East. That what I thought of when I read the title

scofios2661d ago

I guess the same thing that happened to, I am alive,Rainy Woods,Redwood Falls ,Coded Arms Assault,wardevil,beyond good and evil 2,eye identify, Vaporware???


They are bankrupt.

The company was in operation from 1976 to 2003, when it declared bankruptcy( from Wiki) .
They had great arcade games in the 80'90'
I loved Robocop arcade from Data East.

BlackIceJoe2661d ago

I hope more news will come out for Data-Fly soon. Because the concept sounded like it would be a really fun game.