IGN gives 6.8/10 to Need for Speed ProStreet: 'a disappointing effort'

Need for Speed ProStreet is a disappointing effort in a franchise that has generally been rather solid. It sort of feels like EA is starting over again, leaving the open-world aspects to other games like its own Burnout Paradise, but is seems like Black Box didn't know what to do with what was left. It could have still been a decent game had the cars driven well, but unfortunately their performance is shoddy. Car lovers will find something to like here due to the customization options, but Need for Speed has certainly seen better days.

fury6096d ago

The last NFS games I loved was the hot pursuit series, after that I stopped buying those Underground wannabe tuning gangster racing games.

I'm sick of EA and I wholeheartedly wish that they fall really really hard and then wake up and reclaim old values.

xplosneer6096d ago

They are in a very good mood. I had the demo and deleted it within 15 minutes. Terrible. No fun factor. WAY too easy.

solar6096d ago

ya the demo was a turd covered in burnt hair. god did it stink!

RunamukK6096d ago

EA Sucks!!!Boycott I say!!!!

beavis4play6096d ago

i have not bought any EA games in a long time nor do i intend to in the future. someone let me know if they ever get a game right again.

crazy250006096d ago

until they stop being lazy with the PS3....im not buying their sh!tty games

solar6096d ago

lol i love your avatar Runamukk

toughNAME6096d ago

I think IGN was being generous

SKullDugger6096d ago

EA is getting very lazy and living on its success from the PAST!!! I'll wait for GT5.

crazy250006096d ago

i like racing games, but im going to pass on this one.....GT5 will be much better

sonarus6096d ago

no they arent this is the review i expected for need for speed. need for speed was cool back on the sega saturn or ps1 or wateva but its been mediocre to me since. I would put it on the same level with midnight club and all the other mediocre racers out there.

Skerj6096d ago

Hahaha can't say I was expecting any higher. This franchise needs a drastic change or to be taken out to the back shed and "dealt with". I enjoyed the first Underground (since that's the beginning of the "change" to street racing) immensely. UG2 was a step in the right place with the open world only marred by the blatant product placement. If you're going to feed me ads ingame, please do not charge me full price for it. Most Wanted was mostly forgettable, and Carbon was better but not by much.

I'm actually waiting for something to step up to the plate in the vein of Tokyo Xtreme Racer meets Test Drive Unlimited meets Racing Lagoon. We have the machines capable of running a fully persistant virtual racing world, where you start with with the requisite beater and race either AI or other players to get clout, money, and better cars. Hell TDU did it to an extent, you just couldn't modify the cars. The scope of the game was insane though, so I'm hoping someone at another studio takes note and tries to emulate at least THAT. Or else I'll have to. ..

Danja6096d ago (Edited 6096d ago )

you might find all those qualities in the next Midnight Club...

Skerj6096d ago

Really looking forward to that too, and the next Test Drive as well.