Can the Vita really handle PS3 quality games? - The Rant is Go Ep. 5

Dan from digs through the specs to find out whether or not the Vita can run PS3 quality games. Can the Vita do it? Is it really up to snuff?

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Wolfie2636d ago

yes, Uncharted: Golden Abyss looks even better than Uncharted 1 on PS3 IMO

fluffydelusions2636d ago

You also have to remember it's on a smaller lower resolution screen. Honestly, I'll have to see it in person to judge it. You can't really tell a lot from YouTube videos.

superadvanced2635d ago

it definitely does not look better than drakes fortune. the main difference is poly count. ps3 can simply push way more polys than the vita. also golden abyss doesnt have real dynamic water reflections they are just cube maps.

MaxXAttaxX2635d ago

The main difference is poly-count.

BUT we've seen blown up pictures of Uncharted:GA and they look great(even better than DF).

Studio-YaMi2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

ummm,you need an eye check because uncharted 1 looks better than Golden Abyss,but Golden Abyss is more or less "ON-PAR" with Uncharted 1,that being said,the Vita has great potential,I mean a device that can pull out graphics that are almost PS3 quality !? that's how SONY keeps mind f***ing us,and I love it ! xD

gonna buy the PS Vita day 1 !

pain777pas2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Water stage in UC1 still boasts some of the best graphics in console gaming to this day. Look the Vita is damn impressive and yes the Drake model does look more detailed in some respects to the UC1 but there is a certain sheen of awesome sauce that radiates from UC1 still and the Vita is damn close but I need to see more and there may be some unbelievable graphical moments that exist in the game. Remember we have seen what 2% of the Golden Abyss. However for a 4 core processor and the Ram plus VRAM I mean this handheld (LOL) is a beast.

RevXM2636d ago

Drakes fortune is better looking go back and play it and say the footage of Golden abyss is just as good looking technically.

Abyss is more clunky (animations), more primitive looking foliage and shaders, obviously less polygons, lower res textures, noticeable flat backgrounds, and I think not quite as good lighting.

Anyways Abyss is a game for a portable system, and looks rather great.
PSV powerful but still not exactly a portable ps3.

Vita should be able to run games equally impressive to say MGS4,Uncharted DF (Definitively not there yet lol) and Resistance 2, it just needs some time to mature and we will see how far it will actually reach.

zoks3102636d ago

Great video, sounds like Sony made on efficient portable.

xX-Jak-Xx2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

yes indeed !! great video by the way

Cpt_kitten2636d ago

no but really close so thats all that matters

DaTruth2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

He exclusively focuses on the GPU when discussing graphics, while we know that a great deal of graphics processing is done on the Cell!

Once you're leaving out the new reality of CPU's being used for GPU tasks(especially on PS3), we're not gonna get a clear picture in regards to the question!

Is the Vita CPU efficient at performing graphics processing related tasks? Answering this question would go a long way towards answering the overall question!

Danji2635d ago

That's why I focus on the GPU. I don't have near enough information about the architecture to know if the CPU in the Vita can process graphics nearly as well as the cell. It's pretty obvious nothing can get close to the Cell's performance in that field but it's still important to know how close and in what ways before I can even make commentary.

I planned on making a part two (or another episode of TRiG) once we know more about the CPU's clockrate, the architectural bandwidths, and the CPU's Floating Point processing cores. Admittedly, I could probably find that last one out right now if I dug it up but I'm waiting for the other two to be divulged before I start writing a CPU-focused episode.

Thank you for calling me out on that though. It was intentionally not brought up but I should have noted why.

SSKILLZ2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

Yeah ! why not Bro !!!!

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