"Hysteria Project 2 is probably the worst game ever!" -

GigaBoots wrote: "Dan, Bob, and Dr. Aggro from GigaBoots discover what horrible things humanity is capable of in Hysteria Project 2 AKA the worst game ever made. We aren't much for hyperbole so understand that the statement above means A LOT coming from us. Hell, did you see Ye Olde Quicke Playse? Worse than ANY of those."

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NeoBasch4045d ago

That bad, huh? I thought the original was the worst. lol Regardless, I'm not falling for this trap again. That game was awful.

Danji4045d ago

See, that's the weird thing. 2 members of GigaBoots actually ENJOYED Hysteria Project 1. If you thought that was bad then, yes, you'll probably agree this is most likely the worst game ever. It's seriously -that much worse.-

Dark_Overlord4045d ago

I liked the game (I thought the 1st was better)

One of the problems I had with the game was you practically have to guess the F***ing controls at times, e.g the bit where you hide in the cupboard, you need to keep moving the analogue sticks to stop any noise being made, at no point does the game ever say this, took multiple attempts just to guess what I had to do >:(