First Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - TV Spot

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is planned to release tomorrow on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Today the first Kane & Lynch: Dead Men spot hits your television. You can stream the trailer on

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smirx4929d ago

So, I bought my PS3 on November 2nd when the 40gb came out. I arrived @ Wal Mart to purchase it @ 6AM cuz for some reason I thought they would sell out fast. Needless to say, they didn't... I know everyone will say just to go with the system you like (and I do like PS3) but Xbox seems to be crushing PS3. I just DO NOT WANT ANOTHER DREAMCAST on my hands. Nothing sucks more than spending all that money on a system/ games, only to see it discontinued.

So here are my pro's and con's for each system:
PS3 Pro's:
* Cheaply replaceable Hard Drives (My friend gets 180GB's free @ work)
* Blue-Ray
* Ability to run Linux (If my computer ever crashes....I guess)
* Bluetooth compatible with my keyboard/ mouse.
* Free Wi-Fi
* Multi-Platform Games
* Reliability
PS3 Con's:
* Free, yet horrible Online Service. (Yeah, I know.. IT'S FREE, so was Net Zero!)
* Not interested in any PS3 exclusives
* Seems like every Multi-Plat game scores lower for frame-rate probs.
* Danger of Discontinuation (Let's face it guys, it really is)
* Awkward feeling Controllers (Feels like it's gonna pop outta my hands

XBOX 360 Pro's:
* Large Game Library
* Exclusives that I actually like (Bioshock, Halo3, Gears...)
* Great Online play
* Now offering HDMI Output (Important to me)
* No Danger of Discontinuation (till the next XBOX)
* (Supposedly) Superior GPU
* Awesome Feeling Controllers
XBOX Con's:
* I've always hated Microsoft (sounds stupid, but it's true)
* Ring of Death (Of the 3 XBOX's I've played, all have malfunctioned)
* No Wi-Fi!
* Outrageously priced Hard Drives
* 2.4GHZ Contollers interfere with my other equipment
* Bill Gates charges you for Online play! Huh?
* Gay design
Help! What do you think? I gotta make up my mind by December 2nd, before the 30 day return period... Decisions, decisions....