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The Tekken fighting franchise is known for its highly strategic one on one battles and mindgames, toss in a Tag tournament and we’ve got a successful winning formula.
The sequel plays like the original Tekken Tag Tournament, albeit with Tekken 6 tweaks. Essentially, this means you‘ll find features such as the ‘Bound’ system and walled arenas present, the former of which has become an integral component in extending those health-draining juggles.

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geniusgamerdoc2613d ago

I shall choose

Jun + Lili + Asuka
That would be a KILLER combination imo

Quagmire2612d ago

I would choose Yoshimitsu + Raven + Hwaorang

shreeveera2613d ago

My Killer Trio would be -

Hwoarang,Jin and Bryan

ps4me2613d ago

I shall go with
heihachi,jin,and kazuya

geniusgamerdoc2613d ago

Will this game have Practice mode and will NAMCO Rewrite the Netcode for a seamless Online Multiplayer Experience??

Edito2613d ago

For me - Lei-Julia-Ana that would be awesome :-)

geniusgamerdoc2613d ago

Thats a Great combination bro.
Hope you can face my
Jun + Lili + Asuka though??

Edito2610d ago

hehehe i think they will be able to face it :-) my PSN ID is EditoMZ add me and when we got the game on our hands will make some fights :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.