New Virtua Fighter 5 Gameplay Videos

Check out these latest gameplay videos of Virtua Fighter 5 for the PS3.

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beans5873d ago

I really had hi hopes for this game and see now that it looks like crap! How does Heavenly Sword and Motor Storm look so good and just about every other game not look good at all! I can't wait until TGS to hopefully see a playable demo or something to make me a believer!

borgome5873d ago

Look at Trevor, he looks like an aaaaalien.

PS3 Ultimate5873d ago

The game looks GREAT! I don't know what u 2 are talking about. Maybe you both pissed off because it looks way better than DOA4. And that is a fact. Anyway, the future is almost here, with The PLAYSTATION 3!

beans5873d ago

You are a very funny person if you honestly think this game looks anywhere near as good as DOA4! What are you smoking on please let me have it! Im not saying it looks bad because it's on PS3 but what I am saying is this game is very ugly and you can't convince me it doesn't look terrible! Look at it and stop defending your favorite console for once! How can a game look so impressive a year ago and now all of the sudden when we see the gameplay it looks worst then tekken tag on ps2? And before you get started tekken is my favorite fighter next to soul caliber on dreamcast!

DJ5873d ago

But not quite what I expected. I know it's an arcade port and all, I wonder how tekken's doing.

I think the problem is that the environment, while pretty, feels empty and uninteractive. That and I was hoping for full cloth simulation.