Google Is Preparing Chrome To Become A Game Platform

Video gaming is a big topic for web browsers as well as HTML5, but there are few enthusiast gamers who are taking this scenario serious. Can a Joystick API and a Native 3D Client change the perception?

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3GenGames2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

It already does 3D via OpenGL, and no. A joystick API won't do anything because those haven't been used on PC games since about 1998. Plus, if you want to make 3D games, you use OpenGL and compile it with C/C++, not javascript. HTML5 is only for smaller 2D games and some doom-like 3D. That's it. It's good to see that it is allowing it to connect to those compiled and better programs, but it'll be interesting to see if you'll need a compilation for each platform, or if it'll be turned into a OpenGL bytecode like Java.

lzim2635d ago

(I'm pretty sure they didn't mean joystick literally, and gads it really has been a while since a PC game focused on those as a primary input huh? but instead what was meant was a HID of any kind other than a mouse for playing games on Chrome as a 3D game app platform, above whatever OS you happen to be running)

I like to see it as a better platform for making and delivering browser games that are closer to games PC gamers were used to prior to Flash. Or the next generation of browser games with better support for hardware acceleration to people using Chrome. It is almost like the game industry will be rebooting itself to when 3D games started getting popular.. because have less time and money to spend? AAA gaming is so huge it exploded and there are so many cracks that free-to-play browser games are getting important enough to push anything that isn't AAA to the side.

It will be interesting to see traditional hardware accelerated games being ported to run in Chrome as apps in a format closer to what we currently work with in packaged games versus all these browser based adaptations for example The Sims Social. It should be 3D and closer to the PC game so EA could repackage the whole thing [Sims 3] and offer it to the browser crowd. Instead they go the sloppy flash route. It is a pity they flattened the game and altered it almost beyond recognition where with Chrome and the above stated approach of running a game inside a browser rather than animated slides on top of flash, assuming you can cache data from EA Servers while you play, updates micro-transactions and DLC etc would be much easier.

Question is will Google work Chrome as a premium browser gaming app platform for crappy free-to-play browser experiences, or be more like netflix and encourage games that stream into Chrome without a useless platform middleman like Xbox Live, PSN, or OnLive. And make games of their own to push examples to the gaming industry. And to see if any existing digital distribution gorillas like Valve can adapt services like Steam directly to run as a Chrome app allowing developers some security of a middleman for distribution and support.

BubbleSniper2635d ago

these BROWSER games need hardware acceleration like you stated, lzim. better optimization too because they are still buggy as all hell.