New HD Footage of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Running On Xbox 360

Here’s your first look at Xbox 360 gameplay footage of Counter-Strike: GO straight from the show floor of PAX 2011, a reboot of the classic franchise coming to consoles and PC early next year.

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zeksta2613d ago

Now, that game looks damn amazing compared to CS:S, so much more Detail and the Animations are much more Smoother or Fluent.

But honestly, if you're gonna upload gameplay of the game, learn to shoot first -.-

StanLee2613d ago

No denying that this game will play great but it looks dated, even with a graphical update. It looks like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Left 4 Dead wasn't a looker but I expected an update of Counter Strike to surpassed Left 4 Dead and this just doesn't.

fr00ty-wizenhymer2612d ago

Everybody is missing the point. CS's graphics don't matter. I still prefer 1.6 over Source. The graphics could be fucking DOOM graphics and I wouldn't mind if the gameplay was good. All they need to focus on is the gameplay and animations because that's important for competitive play.

xtremegamerage2613d ago


Looks decent, i hope this game has better death animations/ like your hitting something.

L4D games feel like your hitting nothing.

CrimsonEngage2613d ago

Guy playing was complete garbage. His sensitivity looked really low, crank it up!

I think i'll buy CS:GO for Xbox this time around. Getting tired of CSS on PC where the D-bags/hackers reside. You also seem to die faster on PC and the slow pace of the console version looks more appealing too me. :3

Ravenor2613d ago

You miss the point of CS, you won't be missed.

Fishy Fingers2613d ago

Game looks great, console gameplay looks slooooooow when your used to the PC.

Ravenor2613d ago

It wasn't the gameplay, it's the input method. Doesn't matter how high the sensitivity, you're going to be slower then a Mouse and Keyboard each and every time.

4lc4pon32613d ago

friggen amazing. I cannot wait to come back to the Counter-Strike world. I miss it dearly

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The story is too old to be commented.