Weekly Sales Analysis, 20 August 2011 - PlayStation 3 Price Cut

"Overview - 3DS hardware sales remain above 300,000 in its first full week of the price cut and the PlayStation 3 received a $50 price cut at the beginning of the week which saw sales rise a little over 50,000. For the first time all year, total hardware sales are up year on year. Despite the increase in hardware sales, software sales are down both week on week and year on year. There are two debuts in the top 40, which is down from three last week. Software milestones this week: Mario Kart Wii passes the 28 million mark; Just Dance 2 (Wii) crosses the eight million mark; Pokémon Black / White Version (DS) crosses the 12 million mark; and Wii Sports crosses the 77 million mark. No games sold over 100,000, which is down from one last week, and the top eight sold over 50,000, down from nine last week."

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CaptainMarvelQ82662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

The PS3 gained quite a moderate boost for all the pendejo's claiming sales will be over the top.The 3DS on the other hand has picked up the pace.

DarkCharizard_2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Still, I don't see 3DS doing very well until the Mario games come out. I am really disappointed in the way 3DS has been marketed by Nintendo...

PS3 on the other hand, is doing really on the hardware side. Software side, its still staggering compared to Wii.

Speaking of which, it will be interesting to see how the Wii performs next week in Europe with the release of the best RPG of this generation, Xenoblade Chronicles...

Kee2662d ago

Hey, not just mario... Pokemon, too. They will sell millions. Not kidding. A zelda remake isn't really enough to sell a lot of systems right now.

That said, the price drop obviously was enough as I, myself bought one just because I wanted it.

wumster2662d ago

I don't understand your statement. You say you don't see the 3DS doing well until Mario hits, but it outsold the PS3 and that is doing well?

Istanbull2662d ago

"For this week the gap between the three home consoles has grown, with the PlayStation 3 with a 43 percent market share, the Wii with a 29 percent, and the Xbox 360 with a 28 percent. The PlayStation 3 has been in sole position of first for the last seven weeks and been ahead of the Xbox 360 for ten weeks now."

LOL! It seems that rather you are the little pendejo!

WillGuitarGuy2662d ago

*Sees what console has better stats* ...*Waits for fanboys to troll*

GamersRulz2662d ago

that a really good numbers for PS3 considering it is still the most expensive console.

imagine if it was $199, man, I can't imagine what would have happened then.

Bobets2662d ago

Hey look! 360 fanclub no where to be seen in a WORLD WIDE sales news still wetting their pants on NPD(USA ONLY) numbers cause it makes them feel better.

kingslayer10002662d ago

give it time, the 360 fanclub will be here shortly

LOGICWINS2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

They're probably busy playing games.

...btw, did VgChartz magically become reliable over night?

GamersRulz2662d ago

maybe, but those game magically disappear when 360 outsell PS3(usually in the US, rarely WW)

testerg352662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

It could be because this is vgchartz? Even most ps3 fans know vgchartz is crap, but you go ahead and believe what you want.

You do know why ms, Sony, and nintendo comment on npd figures and not vgchartz right?

death2smoochie2662d ago

And just when you thought Vgchartz were they become reliable when it suits...
Oh N4G.COM...You got to love it...

Anon19742662d ago

No one who's informed considers VGChartz reliable. It's understandable that some who don't know any better would look at VGChartz and might be fooled into believing it was reliable. It's all presented very well - but at it's heart it's still ioi's best guesses from calling a few retail shops and extrapolating from there that got him banned from neogaf, and history shows that he's usually off by about 20% - but in the past he used to make adjustments when official numbers were out. I don't believe they do that anymore, and for over a year they were millions off on PS3 numbers.

Didn't trust them then, don't trust them now. It's not like they're suddenly going to become accurate overnight.

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browngamer42662d ago

Damn the 3ds is really taking off!I even got a couple of street passes s couple of days first ones (on the street) since buying the system at launch!I think holiday sales for the 3ds are gonna be through the roof!

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