European Hardware sales for week ending November 10

VG Chartz have just uploaded the European hardware sales for the week ending November 10. Nintendo DS continuous to rule in European territories with almost a quarter million units in one single week. Nintendo Wii saw a decrease 11% from last week but remains on the number 2 spot with over 84,000 units. Playstation 3 saw a 11% increase and is gaining territory on the Nintendo Wii with 72,000 units this week. Despite a 15% increase in Xbox 360 sales since last week, Xbox 360 remains the slowest selling next-gen console, with 54,000 units this week.

- Nintendo DS: 246,562
- Nintendo Wii: 84,373
- Playstation 2: 82,295
- Playstation 3: 72,605
- PSP: 60,284
- Xbox 360: 54,090

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season0074932d ago

nothing new, but it probably will get to 50 to 100 replies in few hours

Husso4932d ago

another week.

another guess from them.

power of Green 4932d ago

What makes it worse its VG charts...

Danja4932d ago

hmmm what makes it's better the 360 is still losing the good ole fight in EU...

ParaDise_LosT4932d ago

360 is winning the fight in NA

and the lest time I checked
a 100k lead is alot better than a 20k lead xD

Ignorant Fanboy4932d ago

In NA the 360 outsold the PS3's NA and EU numbers combined.


PS3: 136,393
360: 227,985

How will the PS3 ever catch up? Its being outsold every day, week, month, however you pwant to put it.

MaximusPrime_4932d ago

good job for sony world. 3 sony consoles still selling.

lilwingman4932d ago

The DS on it's own beats all 3 of Sony's machines... that's sad lol. Still don't see how the DS sells such ginormous numbers.

MaximusPrime_4932d ago

despite being a sony fan, im seriously considering getting DS. i actually think it is a great console by Nintendo.
I need to train my crap brain.

gogators4932d ago

but the get boring quickly. The Big Brain Acadamy was my favorite over Brain Training 1 and 2.

zornik4932d ago

- Nintendo Wii: 192,482
- Xbox 360: 173,895
- Nintendo DS: 142,299
- PSP: 75,954
- Playstation 3: 63,788
Still going strong in the USA.

MaximusPrime_4932d ago

this is european chart. not American. there is another post with american chart.

Vojkan4932d ago

Yes but he is scared so he wants to show us that he has noramal size penis, like most of the people.

the worst4932d ago

360 is local = NA
ps3 is world wide = the world

Vojkan4932d ago

NA market is key no matter how good Sony is doing(at the moment) in EU.
I really can not understand why are sales still "low" in NA when price cut and 40gb came?! I believe that media bias is main reason behind it. We all know how Americans are brainwashed nation(just look at Iraq)

Yo Mama4932d ago

I'm American and I hate most Americans and their dumb mentality.

The Killer4932d ago

so they r programed to hate on ps3!!
and they [email protected] generals keep lying about everything in war in iraq!!
did u know that in order to be a general in the USA army u need to be a [email protected]?? even bill clinton had to get [email protected] in order to get to his position!! if u dont believe me i will give u a youtube link!!
america is controlled by evil and [email protected] and am serious!! u all heard about zionest!! what do u think they are doing in america with their trillions of $??

razer4932d ago

You need to grow up and stop talking about things you know nothing about.. Americans are brainwashed?? Americans are [email protected]?? Aren't you all late for a hate rally or something?? Maybe go burn an american flag to release the tension..

I'm sure you wouldn't say these things without the anonymity the internet gives you for your hate speak. While in reality you know you would get your nerdy little azz's kicked.. America is not perfect but neither is any country on this planet so pot meet kettle.

The Killer4932d ago

well dont worry u already are in many parts in the world!!
in my opinion americans r good people but stupid!! their media easly lie and hide so many truth in the world to the people!!
about to be a general u have to be a [email protected] check this video and u will be shocked!!

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