Halo 4 Takes Place In 2554

Gamertag Radio writes: "This is the official model year of Halo 4 Warthog that you can interactive in Forza’s “Autovista” mode. If this takes place 2554, then that's a year after Halo 3."

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BrightFalls762612d ago

Doesn't matter what year it takes place, it's still a series that achieved greatness with CE and has been downhill since then.

qwertyz2612d ago

reach was better than CE so what are you talking about ? I hated halo 3 and ODST though.

bozebo2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

He's talking about the campaign.

and the pistol...

It may have been downhill, but it's still higher than most of the other hills nearby.

Halo is one of the highest quality game franchises in existance. Just quality in general - they really do an amazing job making those games.

edit: disagree probably came from a Half Life or PS3 fanboy

Shackdaddy8362612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Really? Cus I loved Halo CE, 2 and 3 but I absolutely hated reach. The class stuff was stupid and didn't work nearly as well as the equipment stuff in halo 3. I sure hope they don't do that for the next halo...

Tanir2612d ago

main prob with reach was that there wasn;t any maps.

like 6 variants were based off of that forge specific map. pretty lame if u ask me. halo 2 had the best maps, the assassinations were cool in reach tho.

campaign wise in my opinion they all sucked, i just play it cuz its co-op

beans2612d ago

Bungie claimed Reach was open world but in reality it wasn't even close. CE hands down was the best and anniversary looks set to take that crown.

SixZeroFour2612d ago

i guess ill be the one holding it down for the halo fans out there and inform you guys about a couple things that are happening halo/343-wise

@shackdaddy - the "class system" in reach was fine, it was the balance of the actual armor abilities which was the problem, and for this matter, 343i is fixing it with the title update (sometime around september) and the beta hoppers

also, that was only how halo reach matchmaking started, they have added so many more playlists (classic, action sack, etc) that already tweak the balance and which armor abilities ppl can use and not use

@tanir - again, that problem was just how the matchmaking was initially, but yes, although the scenery all look alike with the forge maps, that doesnt take away from the level design bungie and winners of the forgetacular contests did with forge...also, there have been 2 map packs and the classic CE anniversary maps coming (including headlong i believe, one of my most favorite maps)

@beans - i dont think they said it was open world, but the environment is more open in which you tackle the the enemies and objectives

best example of this is oni base (second playable level i believe), after the first set of enemies there are essentially 2 objectives and you can do those in any order you want, then after that you go inside the base and have to go to the top of the base and you can do that in a couple different routes, etc.

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ginsunuva2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Yeah. The first was like nothing before. The second was fun, as well.
The third one caused me to never believe that a game will be good just because the prequels were. Halo 3 was just so unappealing and boring. And it had an ugly art and graphic style - and planet earth locations suck.
Reach was ok. Nothing that special.

otherZinc2612d ago

All Halo games were fantastic, also, it is the most quality rich FPS on the market, hands down.

No other shooter offers what this game offers. Also, 343 is setting the bar for Remakes. Those wack HD remakes are garbage compared to this.

You haters need to sit-back & enjoy this Franchise!

Hozi892612d ago

I could care less just put me in the chief's boots once more and lemme kick some forerunner/alien arse!

marioPSUC2612d ago

Arent they supposed to show another trailer at the end of halo fest? If they are I really hope it shows like at the very least a glimpse of some ingame footage, if its another trailer like E3, I hope it shows a bit of the planet

jdktech20102612d ago

Quick, I need a freaking translator for all these videos out of Halo Fest.....I'm not watching 8 billion hours to get 2 or 3 good nuggets of info....btw, figured it would be a year or so....

Bay2612d ago

Only a year?

I would've expected like, I dunno, 50-100 years.

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