American Hardware sales for week ending November 10

VG Chartz has just uploaded the latest hardware sales figures for the Americas (US and Canada) for the week ending November 10. Nintendo Wii remains the best selling console in the Americas with over 192,000 units in the week before Super Mario Galaxy. Sales were up 30% from last week. The Xbox 360 also saw a strong increase to over 173,000 units this week; a 25% increase from last week. Playstation 3 also saw a rise in sales, though not as strong as 360 or Wii. Sales were up 16% from last week to 63,000. Nintendo DS is still dominating the handheld market with 142,000 units this week, with the PSP trailing at 76,000.

- Nintendo Wii: 192,482
- Xbox 360: 173,895
- Nintendo DS: 142,299
- PSP: 75,954
- Playstation 3: 63,788

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razer4928d ago

here in the states.. Not even 100k and a lot lower than I expected. Should pick up around the holidays.

Husso4928d ago

Fake numbers from wii fanboys.

Wait till ndp comes out, then you can comment on real numbers.

gogators4928d ago

be releasing console numbers any more, just the top 5 in number of games sold.

barom4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

something's wrong here.
The week before was

This article states:
The Xbox 360 also saw a strong increase to over 173,000 units this week; a 25% increase from last week.

A 25% more than the week's before 46,984 would be 58730

jaja14344928d ago

Well the 360 sold something like 530k in October if I remember correctly so that 174 would sound about right. But thats only if my memory of last months is serving me well.

WEWdeadeye4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Since Husso is clearly a fanboy himself, I would like to let everyone know that these bumbers are ALWAYS within 5-15% or less of the numbers released by the NPD, so these are a very solid look at how consoles are selling in the market currently, as opposed to waiting till the end of the month for the NPD. There is also nothing fanboyish about the Wii outselling everyone else, when that is what is actually happening. Get a clue husso. Oh, and btw, I own a 360 and PS3, not a Wii.

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ParaDise_LosT4928d ago

The Ps3 isn't getting much sales in NA....
Atleast they're kicking ass over seas...
But whats wrong with people?
a 400 dollar Blu Ray player that plays games...
and they only made about 60k?

But hey, Its VGcharts....NPD will clarify things, but I doubt it will change dramaticly there since VGChatrs is pretty accurate (NA charts atleast)

chester4928d ago

unfortunately for sony, it doesn't seem like kicking ass overseas makes up for the 100k behind they are in NA. the european vgchartz have the ps3 ahead by about 18k. add in asia and the 360 is seemingly still ahead by a decent clip worldwide.

GIJeff4928d ago

for 173,895 people, the 360 sucks hairy monkey nuts.

;) jk calm down..

ParaDise_LosT4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Even if you add Japans 60k with NAs 60k
360 is still in the lead by atleast 1k and some.
This is very good news for Xbox fans and horrid news for Ps3 fans.
I mean, if making PS3 $399 and see it not selling as well as the competition...
thats gotta hurt lol

lonestarmt4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

yeah not good, if this is right, I think its of several reasons. One there wasn't a lot of 40 gigs out there. Three targets never got them in and one gamestop I checked sold out, but they didn't get a lot to begin with. So thats a reason. Two, the games sell the system and the ps3 is just now getting them and the ps3 has been bashed in the media almost as mush as george bush now. There needs to be a lot more ground gained than a compative price. I love my ps3 and I think it will get ahead, but I'm just saying its going to be an uphill battle. Once the big games like MGS4, Killzone, Devil may cry 4, FF13 then boom you will see it.

edit: ok good to know. I haven't checked best buy. I have checked fry's though at there weren't many 40's but still lots and lots of 60 gigs. I just think its wierd that some stores advertised them like target and many stores never got them in. I don't think thats smart on sony's part. I guess they shipped them all to best buy.. lol

Proxy4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Hopefully this will help Sony learn their lesson and next generation they will release the PS4 with significant hardware issues and drop all PS3 support. This is obviously what American gamers want.

Sangheili854928d ago

I'm not saying your wrong but your idea about not many 40g out there in the first place might not be all that right. I work at bestbuy. We got 35 40gb PS3's. We still have around 20 of the original shipment. 80gb's and 360s sale well. Before we would stack the 360's and PS3's up against the wall in the back. Now that we have so many PS3's and they aren't selling that fast we have the original stack and alot more just put under tables because of a lack of room.

lawman11084928d ago

It's a Blue ray DVD that playes games, NOT a GAME system like the 360

Do you get it now? Sony wants BR and used the PS3 to try and push it. Wait until the numbers are in for Black Friday, The A3 HD dvd player and the 360 are going to BURY Sony folks and it aint gonna be pretty.

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kevoncox4928d ago

This was already known.
Unfortunatly, Sony is not eating into the 360's lead but instead is falling further behind it.

Vojkan4928d ago

It obvious that all american media bias is hurting PS3 sales in NA.

chester4928d ago

because nobody is biased against microsoft?

c'mon now.

dfcm20034928d ago

At MS there is, but seems to be a lack of it against the 360, even with the highest failure rate in recent History, their has not been much neg press about it. Hum.....

jaja14344928d ago

Highest? You must have forgotten the sad days of the first PS2.
Dark days they were indeed. :(

Kleptic4927d ago

dude...the PS2?...the ps2 had the hihest failure rate of any playstation so far...but it was absolutely nothing like the ~30% of the has more or less been confirmed as the largest mass consumer electronic failure rate in a very long time...and definitely one of that most expensive...

I totally agree though...that there really isn't a lot of, or never was, a lot of negative press about that...If the PS3 had a failure rate of half that, it wouldn't even exist anymore...the general media buzz about the PS3 has not been positive since its launch...

doesn't bother me though...I don't really care about any of that crap anyway...only reason I followed the RROD issues is because I watched my poor little cousin tank two of them over the 2005 christmas break...only wash, rinse, repeat in 2006 christmas break...thats why I don't own one yet..until MS releases confirmation that their hardware doesn't take a dump at random times...frequently...I won't get one unless its given to me...

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