Counter-Strike: GO - Xbox 360 owners shunned

Valve recently announced that Counter-Strike: GO would feature cross-platform play between the PS3, PC and Mac. What about Xbox users? For the second time, they are being left in the dark.

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thephillup3320d ago

I thought valve had some sort of special deal with Sony. I'm not sure if that's right or not, but it sure is unfortunate for Xbox users.

darthv723320d ago

not much of an issue because it is how MS does things. A game for the 360 is for the 360 when it comes to 3rd party games. The exception was shadowrun but that was still under the control of MS.

The whole drama of "shunned" overblown by those that dont know. Those that as usual.

aviator1893320d ago

No, there's no exclusivity deal between them on steamworks and cross-platform play. It's just that Sony is willing to be a little more open with their network than MS is aiming to be.

evrfighter3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

^^^ can't be explained any better than that

Gabe has been trying to force M$ to open up by calling em out. If Gabe wants to get dirty he can simply just start questioning the value of psn vs. xbl. If he starts goin off saying XBL subscribers pay to have less features than PSN users. This might force a hand by M$.

but apparently someone at M$ thinks this is a horrible idea.

FrigidDARKNESS3320d ago

MS is playing it safe because steam will leave sony network open to more attacks and hacks.

Of course Gabe Newell is frustrated and angry at Msft because of it close network policy. Gabe knows that with all the millions of 360 consoles out there this leaves him with lost sales and revenue.

El_Colombiano3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

This will force MS to open up. This is why competition is needed.

True, but other developers don't have the muscle and force that Valve does. If anybody can make them open up, it's Valve.

TitanUp3320d ago

agree but i don't think ms will open up there has been other developers complain about ms not being open and nothing ever came out of that.

saladthieves3320d ago

That's why their name is Valve - they are here to open up Microsoft :)

Bigpappy3320d ago

This is a non issue. If the multi-player is fun on 360, people will buy it.

End of comment.

KonaBro3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

This is an issue point blank. Everyone on Mac, PC, and PS3 will be able to play against each other while Xbox 360 users are stuck playing against themselves. And why? Because Microsoft has such a draconian hold on XBL that they want no one else to use their system and MS are unwilling to budge. That's where MS fails to capitalize on. That's an issue.

S_C3319d ago

I find it funny that the only people that have a problem with this is you ps3 owners, i for one dont care that the xbox verison of the game will be xbox community only online, stop trying to start a fanboy arugement with everything and anything

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SilleGamer3320d ago

Valve probably appreciate PSN's more open approach.

xtheownerzx3320d ago

why can we all just get along I mean really.. who cares about exclusivity.

jashwin3320d ago

Ummm really? This has nothing to do with exclusivity. Microsoft refuses to open up their live service, and because of this, valve can't implement steamworks, which is required for cross platform play.

xtheownerzx3320d ago

I know... I was just making a general statement about situations similar to this one. Enough though they don't open there service I understand why.
Its easier for Microsoft to keep more direct traffic to them if they don't allow cross platform play.

3320d ago
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