GameTrailers: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - GC 11: Comeback Interview (Video)

How does Future Soldier promise to bring back the Ghost Recon franchise in a big way?

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morganfell2607d ago

They do have to come back. Christian Allen single handedly destroyed the series. Then he skipped town to Bungie who promptly recognized him to be a less than talented designer and he was summarily fired.

Jdrm032607d ago

The game looks like it has a lot of promise and this is coming from somebody that has been playing the GR series since the og, which definitely still are the best lol.

Just don't cater to the noobs. Ghost Recon has always been about tactical gameplay, knowing the maps, knowing the choke points, knowing the high and low ground advantages, etc etc.

plumber152606d ago

My only worry, is that i hope they don't have cloaking on the game and be to futuristic if you know what i mean it's hard to explain .