Giant Bomb Quick Look - Serious Sam 3: BFE

Giant Bomb takes a looks at an unfinished build of Serious Sam 3: BFE.

Seriousness is ensued.

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zinki334049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

Serious Sam, I am, I am,..

Now that is what it is all about,..This is how you make a fun arcade FPS,.. Game that is more Doom than Doom !!! Cannot wait for coop, it is still probably the best online gaming I've ever had,..

What new sound affects? Seems perfect to me,.. lol @ rookie,..

I am in love.

Redgehammer4049d ago

If that comes to the 360, I will build a trebuchet; and, with utmost haste, and uttermost urgency, will freely rain down thy money, uponst the bricks of the Ye olde Mart of Wal.

Huffman4047d ago

This game looks nuts. I am very much on board.