Female, Male Gamers Equally Competitive

Online game competition provider WorldWinner, a Fun Technologies subsidiary, has unveiled the results of a survey it conducted that indicates men and women are equally matched when it comes to their competitiveness in casual competition. According to the study, both men and women responded that they're predominantly driven by a desire to win - it was the number one response from both genders. However, this number was slightly higher among men (61 percent of all respondents) versus women (50 percent).

Women appear to seek out competition more frequently than men; The majority of women, or 39 percent, responded that they seek competition daily, while only 31 percent of men do. The majority of men, or 45 percent, are happy going head-to-head just a few times per week.

Other findings showed that the majority of both gender groups equally compete for validation or to "prove themselves"; predominantly decided that competition is more "exciting" and "thrilling" than "intimidating"; tend not to quit when ahead, and feel just as competitive playing against the same gender as they do versus a member of the opposite sex.

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d3l33t4924d ago

i find out that more and more girls are playing!

COD4, 1 out of 4 games has a girl on the mic! I dont even know how to react. It's instilled in my DNA that only guys play.

OOG FunK4924d ago

meh I have played against tons of girls pms clan, frag dolls etc...girls can be pretty good at games.....some can be really bad but I guess that goes for both guys and girls

Covenant4924d ago

Especially at certain times of the month!

I kid! I kid!

But let me tell venture into what is normally a testosterone-dominated field and kick @ss...well, that takes a lot of...ovaries. :)

Get used to it, guys: Female gamers are here to stay.

HeartlesskizZ4924d ago

hehe Im pretty good at COD4 but I need to stop playing under my cousin's account and Rank up mine =)

Tsukasah4924d ago

When I ever play female gamers i get my ass handed to me, usually everyone on my team does. It's mostly socom hat's like this but holy hell, i dunno if its the PMS that gets them going insane to kill everyone efficiently... or if they are naturals at killing O_o

I still say male gamers are more competitive than females, mostly because we guys are always competitive over every little thing >.< but meh who knows

tplarkin74924d ago

Play any game with a girl and she'll ask you "why you care so much" about winning.

It may have something to do with the task. When it comes to sports or war, men become competitive. When it comes to make-up or clothes, women get competitive.

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