Interplay Reopens Inhouse Development, Hires Former Fallout Designer

Publisher Interplay has announced its third quarter earnings, showing sales falling 86 percent year over year to just $47,000, a period CEO Herve Caen calls "an important milestone" in its "difficult turnaround," as it reopens in-house development and prepares to launch development of its Fallout MMO.

In a release, Interplay announced, though, that with the reopening of its in-house studio, it has hired former Fallout designer Jason Anderson, who previously left development of Fallout 2 to form Troika Games, as creative director not of its Fallout MMO, but of another yet unannounced MMO.

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snoop_dizzle4926d ago

if interplay is opening again.. could that mean... another descent freespace game?! Oh i hope so. Sorry i just really liked that series.

Zhuk4926d ago

i feel sorry for interplay, they use to be one of the great devs/publishers

MK_Red4926d ago

Agree. They published many great games in different genres. Most importantly, the published original Fallout games :) as well as the great Baldur's Gate games if I'm not mistaken.

Charlie26884926d ago

Hold on a sec I cant read any Interplay related news without putting my Descent theme song on XD

snoop_dizzle4926d ago

man that brings back some memories.

Blood_Spiller4926d ago

Bring back MDK, the atomic toaster on next gen hardware would be the greatest thing since the atomic toaster on previous gen hardware!