Does PlayStation 3's Price Cut Matter?

It's hard to believe, but we're nearly five years detached from PlayStation 3's lackluster launch in November of 2006. Hot off of the record-breaking success of the PlayStation 2, PS3 models were boldly (and stupidly) priced at between $500 and $600, up to twice the PS2's launch price in 2000. Even though gamers loved their PS2s in the generation past, things weren't going well for the PS3 for several years, mainly due to its high cost-of-entry and its lack of compelling titles.

But since 2006, Sony's situation has solidified greatly, and the company seems to have learned a great deal about what it did wrong with PlayStation 3. Until a week ago, its Blu-ray-playing console cost a mere $300, half of what it cost only a few years prior. And its library of games hasn't only gotten stronger, but much stronger. With a staggering amount of exclusives when compared to its HD competition, Sony began making a strong case for why its system is a must-have choice for the hardcore gamer, both in terms of value and in terms of sheer amount of games that can only be played on PlayStation 3...

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darthv722703d ago

if it didnt then sony wouldnt have done it. You figure they have goals to meet and if it aint selling then you aint making your goals.

Remember, they have a strong lineage to live up to. Not that it would kill them but to not even match what the ps1 did is somewhat disheartening.

MS passed what they did on the original xbox and sony passed up the ps1 with the ps2. No doubt they want to do the same with the ps3. The old phrase "price is no object" is a lie. Price IS an object.

LOGICWINS2703d ago

Yes, but I think the PS3 would have still done well this holiday even without the price cut.

In all honesty, Sony would have probably taken this gen over by now if they had charged like just $10 a year for PSN and used that money for aggressive advertising of PS3 exclusives.

By not charging for PSN, your giving the impression that its not worth paying for.

Abash2703d ago

There was a sales surge in every region after the price cut, so of course it matters

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32703d ago

It does matter, because now the used ones are even cheaper.

LOGICWINS2703d ago

^^Sooo..the PS3 wouldn't have done well this holiday without the price cut??

You are aware that the PS3 became the best selling console worldwide this year at a $299 price point right?

Laypoof2703d ago

Obviously it doesn't matter to us owners, but for others that don't, they'd be stupid not to buy one.

LOGICWINS2703d ago

^^A person is stupid if they don't buy a PS3?

nycredude2703d ago Show
Jsynn72703d ago

"By not charging for PSN, your saying giving the impression that it's not worth paying for."

WTF???? LOL! Absolutely NO LOGIC in that. By giving gamers a quality service for free say that they not about costantly milking them for their money like charging them just to be able play online MP lol Ridiculous. Nice try to trying to stealthfully justify paying $50, sorry, $60 for XBl.. So lame. Try again.

LOGICWINS2703d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

"Sure it would have done well this holiday but you don't think it will do better now that it's $50 cheaper?"

Er...I never disputed that the PS3 wouldn't have done better at $50 less, I just suggested that it still would have done well at a $300 price point.

Don't know what I said in my comment that offended you so much to the point that you had to insult me.

"Nice try to trying to stealthfully justify paying $50, sorry, $60 for XBl."

Buddy..what the hell does XBL have to do with anything I said? LMAO, N4G never disappoints.

Criticism of PSN MUST mean that you are pro XBL huh? And u say I have no logic? You just made some crazy assumption out of nothing ROFL.

Jsynn72702d ago

By your "logic", XBL would be the better service since they charge to use it while PSN being free would be inferior because "by not charging for PSN, your giving the impression that its not worth paying for" (your words) so yeah more than likely you're pro-360 which isn't a bad thing but, if you're going to give your opinion about the other platforms, please at least make them educated and well thought out. You were right about 1 thing though, N4G never fails, but you do. 1 bubble left. Make it count, "buddy"...

tiffac0082702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Actually I think the PS3 would have taken over IF it didn't launch at $500-600 price point. I don't think the PSN being free was the major factor the factor was the high price of the console compared to the competition.

I mean you pointed it out at $299 Sony is selling well. Imagine if they where at the same price point as the 360 back then.

Edit: I believe Sony was trying to get the gamers who doesn't want to feel obligated to pay for an online service that they may or may not use very often.

I for one don't mind having an option to be a premium member (payed) or a none premium member (free).

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Rainstorm812703d ago

According to some of the stories that get approved, nothing matters when Sony does it...

Yet all the conspiracy theorists say its a PS3 site...SMH

On Topic:
Price drops always matter!......nuff said

YodaCracker2703d ago

90% of every comments section is filled with PS3 fanboys, so it is most certainly a PS3 site. Now which articles get approved... that's a different story.

Clarence2703d ago

Well said.
Another useless article from IGN.
Anything positive Sony does, this website comes up with articles why it doesn't matter. Yet M$ announces a bundle with 5 games and not 1 negative story.

The PS3 is the 3rd fastest selling console, and is currently outselling all other consoles this year.
The price cut will only enrage the 360 loven websites like ign, and silence the doubters who thought it was over for the PS3.

Rainstorm812703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I mean come on... when the 3DS got its price drop it was all sweet for ninty and DOOOOOM for the PSVita.....

BTW i think its all kinds of gamers on this site... PC, 360, Wii, PS3 and none will let you downplay their system of choice unjustly.... You just tend to see PS3 fans more because all of us PS3 owners have been unnecessarily defending the system since launch from all the naysayers.....

No other system this gen gets this much hate.....or so it seems to me

LOGICWINS2703d ago

"You just tend to see PS3 fans more because all of us PS3 owners have been unnecessarily defending the system since launch from all the naysayers....."

I'm a PS3 fan myself and for some reason I don't find the need to vigorously defend it like others on this site. It's a piece of technology, not a human being. It doesn't need defending IMO.

If anything I find it rather amusing how people are immensely bothered by what IGN says.

Rainstorm812702d ago

@ logicwins

"I don't find the need to vigorously defend it like others on this site. It's a piece of technology, not a human being. It doesn't need defending IMO."

I somewhat agree , but when you see idiots saying "PS3 has no games" or "Cross Game Chat is useless".. someone must say something.

Isnt that why we are all here to discuss gaming?.?

LOGICWINS2702d ago

"I somewhat agree , but when you see idiots saying "PS3 has no games" or "Cross Game Chat is useless".. someone must say something."

People who say things like that this late in the game aren't worth my time. They obviously lack common sense(or they are trying to get a rise out of someone) because the things that they are saying are blatantly untrue.

People who don't even have common sense aren't worth replying to IMO.

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SilleGamer2703d ago

Yes it does matter.

The lower the price, the wider the market.

Codeman4202703d ago

matters if u dont already own one other than that not really.

BrightFalls762703d ago

If you are a 360 owner without Blu-ray and would like to catch up on some great series like Uncharted and God of War then I think it's a good deal. A drop to $199 would have been earth shattering though.

bozebo2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

There are still only about 20 great exclusives though (and most people wont like all the exclusives because they cater to different tastes), so if somebody already owns a 360 or gaming PC for multiplats then £175 is a lot.

But more people need to own PS3s and the price drop will do that; Sony are friendly to developers and don't charge for multiplayer and that keeps gaming pure, a future with paid peer to peer multiplayer is just stupid and I hope microsoft don't do that with their next console.

The PS2 and xbox1 had thousands of exclusives. Even the 360 only has a handful of great exclusives, and M$ butchered most of the good exclusive series on it anyway.

If Sony are wanting to get a lot of people who currently own 360s to buy a ps3, the price will still be too high for most people.

Second hand purchases will be far more likely, will it ever be impossible to find a second hand one? No, but there will be some Christmas gift purchase that probably won't be second hand.

Overall, I don't think they are going to reach the kind of figures that the ps1 and ps2 sold because they did too poorely at the start of the generation and the whole multiplat trend these days has harmed them quite a lot; hence why they are working on a lot of first party games.

The console industry these days is broken. The manufacturers have to make their own market and the developers are caught up in the middle.

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