PS3 slashed price enough to entice Xbox 360, Wii owners?

Product Reviews: The PlayStation 3 has come under some bad press in recent months due to the hacking of Sony’s PlayStation Network. There were reports that many gamers had lost faith in Sony after that and were jumping ship in favor of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Many thought the console had peaked in popularity and was slowly losing credibility, but today we have news that suggests otherwise as a recent price drop has led to a 65% rise in week-on-week sales of the PS3.

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darthv722613d ago

with spreading the gaming love. Fun for all and all for fun.

Bigpappy2613d ago

I still don't need it this gen. One console is enought for me, and I would need a different controller. DS3 is useless for me. I can not get comfortable with it.

LOGICWINS2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Same with me. If I had gotten a 360 instead of a PS3 4 years ago, I probably would have just stuck with the 360.

I don't game on my PS3 that often unless I buy a new MP game. Most of the time I use it for Netflix which works incredibly well on the PS3.

If I won a 360 in a contest or something, I'd proly sell it since I don't have the space nor free time to enjoy it.

nycredude2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )


For someone who sounds like he doesn't game much you sure spend alot of time here. Maybe you should start a netflix forum or something where people can talk about the latest chick flick they watched, you know similar to a book club. All this time you spend here COULD be free time you know.

BTW Netflix on my ps3 slim works like shit. It freezes and stops all the time. Maybe because I am using wireless. I end up streaming it on my TV, which has wifi N.


No one needs any console. It's either you want it or not. You like the games or not. And if you like it and want it then it becomes can you afford it or not. I only "need" one console also but I am a gamer first and so I bought all three consoles and a gaming pc. I tried the games and sold the consoles whose games I didn't enjoy that much. Regarding your excuse for not buying a ps3, there are plenty of third party controllers, some shaped like the 360, so that is a lame excuse. You don't like the games, fine, you can't afford it, fine, you don't like good games, fine, you don't like Sony, fine but don't make bs excuses.


I hear what you are saying I did that last gen with the Ps2 and when I got into this gen gaming was exciting again. although I still am able to squeeze in cooking, reading, traveling, watching movies and work, and getting married though.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32612d ago

I'll get around to buying one or two used...maybe next month.

kikizoo2612d ago

Because you are not a gamer bigpappy, like others only have a wii, i respect that, but for a gamer, it's just impossible to ignore sony's exclusives, and if you have to buy only one console, it's obvisouly the ps3, for multiple reasons..

jacksonmichael2612d ago

The DS3 is actually pretty awesome. Granted, I was gaming last night with one - drunk as hell - and thought, wow, this feels weird - there's like... too much grip on it, or something. Once I sobered up a little, though, it was great.

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_Aarix_2612d ago

As long as there are humans...their are a**holes who f*** anything thats good.

vsr2612d ago

Yes. For the people who played plenty of halo / mario.

welcome to the new PS world !!! you can enjoy various genres from casual to hardcore

thebudgetgamer2613d ago

its funny that all the bad things in the first paragraph probably came from them.

BrightFalls762613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I've reached a point (at the age of 35) where I would like to own just one console at the most. I have three games to finish up this generation: Gears 3, Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3 (my trilogy of trilogies).

After that I will be selling off my PS3 and 360, spending the time between then and next generation pursuing other interests like art, reading, cooking, traveling, watching old films, career, oh yeah.. getting married too. I'll see how PS4 and 720 look, probably wait a year after launch to decide which of the two I'll go with. Always be a gamer but just not quite as hardcore.

$180 more for this generation then I'm out like a trout:)

BrightFalls762612d ago

I love when people disagree with exactly what I'm doing:)

tiffac0082612d ago

They probably just don't understand yet. Everyone grows up even gamers. There will be a time that you'll just have to cut back or leave gaming to pursue other things in life.

Besides once you have kids they'll probably be playing video games too and you the parent will be playing with them. lol!

HeavenlySnipes2612d ago

I couldn't careless if people buy a new system. Why this is gaming news is beyond me.

CaptainMarvelQ82612d ago


.end of story.

notice how i put a full stop on both ends? that means im SERIOUS

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