Kojima Productions wants your opinion on MGS HD aspect ratio

HD renditions of MGS2 and MGS3 currently keep letterboxing from the PS2 versions and extend the sides for widescreen support. This creates technical and aesthetic issues which would not be present if they retained the original 16:9 widescreen format the PS2 cutscenes were displayed in. After some fans bugging them about it Kojima Productions in their latest podcast (around 11:50) is now offering fan feedback.

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Mario4life2608d ago

Just keep them the same if it is gonna cause some issues, im sure it wont hurt anything to keep it the same

dirthurts2608d ago

Why bother with an HD remake if you don't support the proper aspect ratios?
I say gives us our widescreen and fix the issues. That's what developers do right? Develop?

Eamon2608d ago

To be honest. I kinda liked the letterbox resolution.

It made it so the subs wouldn't cover the actual video footage so reading & watching is easier.