BarCraft, the StarCraft 2 Soiree for Fans Who Love to Party

Sports bars have been around for years, but have you ever heard of an eSports bar? This weekend, StarCraft 2 fans across the country will become quite familiar with the concept, as they descend upon their favorite local bars to watch MLG Raleigh StarCraft 2 on the same big screens that usually show high-def football and soccer matches.

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Flavor2607d ago

Um, I'm no expert, but the type of people who watch a pro game of SC2 are not the type to hang out at American sports bars.
What are they going to do if some of the regulars want to watch the Mexican football game? I can see it now:

'A 19 year old Asian exchange student is fighting for his life after a brutal attack at a Downtown bar'.

'Witnesses say the fight erupted after the poultry processing plant's 8PM shift let out, and irate workers found their favorite sports bar had cancelled all normal broadcasts in favor of showing people playing a computer game about space aliens'.