Yet Another Gaming Show Episode 259 – The D Word

Apparently in some smoke-filled room, where all the heads of The Industry meet late at night, there was a bet among Microsoft, EA, and GameStop who could be the most abhorrent. Time will tell who will win, but in the end, we all lose.

I’d type a long post, but Deus Ex isn’t going to play itself. I will say that local Minneapolitans (Minneapolitinos?) should come down to SlumberLan this Friday at the Science Teaching & Student Services building on the U of M campus. Over $3000 in prizes are available, plus Yet Another Gaming Show hosts will be live streaming the event and providing the kind of commentary you’ve come to expect from us. We’ll just apologize now.

We will be participating in the Extra Life charity drive on October 8th. Stay aware of this space for more details, or click the link to support our team now.

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