Want to know where you stand for Trophy Hunting?

For those Playstation 3 owners who thought that collecting trophies was just something they did or a small minority did. Well theirs actually thousands out there. Who go after trophies though who out their are at the top for collecting these trophies? Well Luckily a site by the name of YourGamerCards has over 200,000 Playstation user's tracked which can show where you stand and other Trophy Hunters stand in Trophy Hunting. They have also leaderboards for each individual countries and includes so much more.

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KingDustero2610d ago

What is the point of this? It compares one with the other people have have registered on the site.

Completely useless.

notimetobeidle2610d ago


Compares you with anyone who has trophies. My girlfriend isn't registered but she's on there.

KingDustero2610d ago

I'm sorry, but you're wrong. My account isn't on there. Neither are my brothers' or anyone on my friends-list.

The site is just a waste of time.

Tired2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I'm not registered but i'm there so are the people on my friends list.

Have you enabled your portible ID from the official playstation website? Maybe it's to do with that.

nickjkl2609d ago

200,000 Playstation user's tracked
Compares you with anyone who has trophies

no i dont think it does

JoGam2610d ago

WOW that dude has 301 Platinums. I just got 18.

Kee2609d ago

It's very rare that I feel the need to platinum a game. I have like 7 all together.

Michael-Jackson2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Getting the Gran Turismo 5 platinum is very questionable. I'm going to say he hacked it without a doubt and who knows how many he hacked and shared his account with other gamers.

Hacking makes this irrelevant and not to be taken seriously to see if you have skills.

BeOneWithTheGun2609d ago

I just registered for shits and giggles and still my name is not on there. I am a level 12 and have about 1500 trophies so I either really suck or this sited does.

Silly gameAr2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

As far trophy hunting goes, I suck apparently.

rayzorn2609d ago

yeah im not on the list but i dont think i wanna be anyway. i would prob be last. i dont even have one plat. im really close to my first one but i norm dont even try i just was really close with the one for burnout when i was finished playing so i figured might as well go for it. but i norm dont care.

i just norm play a game till i either finish it or get sick of it. but if i get a few hours into a game i try to push thru it just to see the ending. but with a normal play thru or 2 you norm are not even close to getting a plat and i have to many games for the amount of time i have to play games. i would rather play a new game then the same one over agaim most times.

BeOneWithTheGun2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Terminator Salvation was an all right game and easy to plat in about 4 hours. It's not like plat for Hanna Montana, it was at least pretty fun to play.

Pacman3212609d ago

Cool im there even though i don't remember registering. Im 5,308 on the UK leaderboard, and 30,193 on the worldwide leaderboard.
Not so bad i guess considering i only have 1,345 trophies.

Miiikeyyy2609d ago

Rank 3,867 on the UK leaderboard and 22,024 for the world-wide leaderboard!

FredEffinChopin2609d ago

This isn't an article. If anything its akin to an advertisement of a site and its features.

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The story is too old to be commented.