5 SEGA downloadable games to get excited for

SEGAbits: "SEGA has a lot of exciting boxed retail releases on the way, but how about the downloadable games? I’m happy to say that there are a number of great titles heading to XBLA, PSN and mobile devices! In fact, dare I say this, as a whole I am more excited for the downloadable releases than I am the retail releases. Recently, SEGA has had a big upswing in the quality and quantity of retro rereleases. What more, SEGA will also be offering long awaited games via online marketplaces and are set to debut new IPs via this route. In this week’s Weekly Five we’ll be highlighting five upcoming downloadable titles that we’re excited to play!"

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Godmars2902610d ago

Wish they'd update Guardian Heroes. If they could do it right.

Also wondering why no one has tried to do an isometric sandbox title.

BrightFalls762610d ago

I want HD collection of Jet Grind/Set Radio!

TheRichterBelmont2610d ago

Give us an HD Burning Rangers, dammit!

slaton242610d ago

i want old classics like james pond, vectorman, and bugs bunny in time and busters hidden treasure and toy story the first game...thats my list of favs as a what are yours it would be great to find out what games we all enjoyed back in the old days b4 the systems told us our friends game list