GamesMaster Oct 2011 Review Scores- Deus Ex Gets 94% ''Once-In-A-Generation Kind Of Game''

''The latest edition of GamesMaster has hit the shelves, with the October 2011 print awarding Deus Ex: Human Revolution a positively glowing score of 94% – describing the ambitious title as ”an incredible piece of game-making: it’s the revival that Deus Ex always deserved.”

The respected gaming magazine sang the title’s praises, declaring that ‘‘it’s the most credible videogame world since Bioshock’s Rapture – every location telling a story about what happened before you arrived and what might happen when you leave.”

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vglulz2613d ago

I've heard great things about Deus Ex. I really should give it a try.

hqgamez2613d ago

The games a Master Piece. Just finished yesterday at 1 am

SilleGamer2613d ago

Looks amazing.

Eidos Montreal deserve a lot of credit for producing such a great looking title!

SilleGamer2613d ago

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is undoubtedly an AAA game. It's review scores are extremely positive.

Definitely a must buy!

BrightFalls762613d ago

I know I'll be in the minority on this one since everybody is jumping on the bandwagon but I was very dissapointed in this title. The mechanics are average, the grahpics are good but not amazing, the load times are goofy and transitions are akward at the best. Sneak up behind somebody, hit the circle button and screen changes to a little movie of a take down then back to another angle for gameplay. I really dislike this game, wish I hadn't bought into the hype.

fluffydelusions2613d ago

The only thing I agree with you about is load times other than that it has been my favorite game this year so far.

kza2613d ago

Good to know not every1 is praising this game and its mostly just hype, i want to buy it but looking at a few reviews i know i will feel the same after a few days with Deus Ex. Think ill wait abit for a price drop.

ryhanon2613d ago

I haven't played the game yet (should arrive any day now), but even the most glowing reviews have pointed to shortcomings similar to those you mention. The most common I've seen (other than the oft mentioned boss battles) is in regards to the jarring transitions from third to first person. However most of the reviews I've seen have also indicated that, despite those flaws, the game shines anyway.

Have those issues really been a deal breaker for you? If so, that's a shame and I'm sorry you didn't like it. I sometimes find myself strongly disliking a popular / well received game because of similar issues that often seem to irritate me far more than they do the masses.

Anyhow, here's hoping people don't hate you directly in the face for having an opinion.

SilleGamer2613d ago

The title looks very promising.

I am itching to play it. Reviews are sparkling.

Hopefully it lives up to all the hype - seems like a genuinely good game though.

Stealth2k2613d ago

dont like the art style or lack there of

DigitalRaptor2613d ago

Hell yes!

If people don't at least appreciate this game, the creative team behind it, and what it means for the industry, then screw 'em!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution deserves GOTY more than any other game this year.