Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ruined

Jonah Falcon calls the boss battles in Deus Ex: Human Revolution an Epic Fail.

Excerpt: "Now, Deus Ex had boss fights, too. Except, most of them you could deal with no matter what choices you made. In fact, two boss fights could be avoided completely by simply doing research in-game. Anna Navarre and Gunther Hermann could both be killed by invoking their killswitch. (If fact, it makes the boss fights in Human Revolution even more annoying since Anna and Gunther will mech augs – like the bosses in Human Revolution.) By the time Walton Simons, a nano-aug, rolled around, you were already powerful enough to deal with him in any number of ways.

The boss fights suffer another serious problem, aside from being scripted bottlenecks in the story that punish players for choosing a path that the game didn’t want them to follow: they’re unimaginative and boring. Lazy beyond belief. As Alvy Singer complained in Annie Hall, “It’s worse than not insightful, it’s not funny.” They scream of executive meddling demanding that the game include periodic boss fights to keep the player from “feeling bored”."

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GraySnake2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Not really a fail... I have an all stealth/hack Jensen and the heavy objects upgrade and the boss who gave me the most hard time was
Jonsin and that was cause I took the new biochip.
*****END SPOILER*****
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"If you chose a stealth/avoidance route to Adam Jensen with other points to hacking, you’re finished. Period. End of story. Game over. Start again, you make the wrong choice all game. “Your” Adam Jensen was the “wrong” Adam. That game you were enjoying playing your way was a lie. Because if you didn’t prepare for this boss fight, you might as well have played with your hair for 10 plus hours"

That is so wrong on so many levels.

clank5432635d ago

They do a good job of putting huge armories before all the bosses.

Plus, you should always have some sort of lethal weapon just in case things go wrong stealth wise. I usually have the silenced combat rifle, the heavy rifle, and the explosive revolver.

I did the same thing with Jonsin and while it was annoying with the hud, that battle was far from difficult.

franko2635d ago

You need professional help. Get it!