Does Skyrim's timed-exclusive content warrant a boycott for PS3 owners?

PSU writes: "The announcement of the Xbox 360’s first access to add-on content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim seemed to strike a nerve with some PlayStation 3 loyalists. It seems any time a game boasts first dibs on DLC, expansions packs, or even exclusive content for one console, the war between PS3 and Xbox 360 fans only grows hotter."

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Tired2612d ago

Can't blame them for wanting more money...M$ must be paying them a pretty penny.

Maybe the 30 days will help them iron out any PS3 kinks.

RedDead2612d ago

DLC is a bonus. Nothing more, especially for a game like Skyrim. You're already getting your moneys worth of content multiplied by 10 with Skyrim

pangitkqb2612d ago

Ya, the 30 day delay for DLC on PC and PS3 doesn't bother me. It would be better if that wasn't the case...but whatever.

AntoineDcoolette2612d ago

Boycotting the game over this would be childish. Now maybe if it was 6 months exclusive....

NewMonday2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

i'm boycotting this game...

... for 30 days :P

my slate is loaded anyway, i'll just drop it to the end of the queue:

BF3, U3, R3, GOW3, AC:R, Batman:AC

and its hard for me to finsh my current backlog anyway:
Xenoblade, DeusEx, Catherine, Witcher2

TacoTaru2612d ago

I has to wait 30 days for getting my most excellent horse armor? Shiver me timbers that's outrageous. I shall protest vehemently while riding me naked horsey!

NukaCola2612d ago

30 Days is nothing. I mean, you won't be done with this game in just one month. It's still falling in that healthy window for DLC. It's not like DLc for Fallout 3 which came out so late that many PS3 owners moved on. Which is sad, because the content was great.

Biggest2612d ago

Am I the only person that smells BS from this "article"? Some moron made a forum post that coincides with the "article's" release time. There is not ONE person after the initial moron that seems to care? There are more comments here than in the actual thread made by the article writer. . . I mean serious news issue. Is trolling the only way to get hits anymore?

PS3Freak2612d ago

Don't care.

DLC doesn't really matter to me. It's not like I'm be done the game waiting for the next DLC to come out.

AngryTypingGuy2612d ago

30 days is nothing to sweat. There is so much out there to play. If anything it should mean Bethesda will have an extra 30 days to polish the PS3's DLC.

MS is smart for getting timed DLC of games like Call of Duty, etc., but I don't see the point in paying for DLC if it's only a month. Especially considering the fact that so many heavy hitters are coming out in the fall, there is enough to keep everyone busy, so much that they'll barely notice the 30 day window.

bozebo2612d ago

there shouldnt be any dlc in the first 30 days anyway

slayorofgods2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I do own windows 7; But M$ won't support it for gaming the same way they support the 360. It is just kind of backwards there is no dlc for the pc as well.

pixelsword2611d ago

The question is in 30 days will I be finished with the game to the point that the time of the timed exclusive matters?

bruddahmanmatt2611d ago

The question we should really be asking ourselves is if 360 owners are pissed about the fact that Microsoft is blowing a bunch of cash on a 30 day headstart for some multiplat DLC when they should be pumping that money into their first party studios.

Istanbull2611d ago

Just 30 DAYS? LOL! In that time I wouldnt even have finished Skyrim to jump over to a godddamn dlc!

Perjoss2611d ago

To be honest this should not really bother PS3 owners, I mean don't they have many great exclusive games? Anyway, I get the feeling 90% of gamers will not have fully finished Skyrim when this DLC hits (unless they rush through main quest and ignore everything else).

Sony3602611d ago

Wait it's delayed on the PC too?

Why isn't this mentioned, like the world revolves around the Ps3?

RufustheKing2611d ago

I get the game one day one but will be very unhappy if there is lots of bugs. they need to treat PS3 owner as people not wallets. the timed exclusive wont matter cause if i play 24 hours a day for 30 days i still wont have finished the game. com'on vampires and werewolfs :)

zag2611d ago

The real question is (no ones thought of this)

Just how long would it take to complete the game?

Maybe it's not more than 30 days worth, maybe it's just a couple of somewhat short missions/quests and that's it.

Bit like LA NOIR is compared to GTA.

Heartnet2611d ago

Ah Just think if this was about a different game people would be flaming like crazy :)

Good times :)

Pixel_Pusher2611d ago

Yes. I'm sick of this bullshit. Any developer that does this gets a perm ban in my house.

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BigBoss072612d ago

If you consider boycotting going to the midnight release with my Scottish claymore and viking helmet, then yes I am boycotting this game. ;)

lastdual2612d ago

You Sir, know how to boycott :)

vsr2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

PS3 owners can complete u3 / cod mw3 / bf3 / r3 / batman / darksouls and plenty of games in the meantime. they can wait.

Bethesda can put all the dlc on bluray. But ... Money... Total payment for the game exceeds $60

BubbleSniper2612d ago

who cares? we're going to have mods on the PC. let m$ pay for DLC. ill buy this new... but the DLC Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Heartnet2611d ago

Hope the mods are shit so u can shup bout mods tbf

kingdoms2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

So it's ok for 360 owners to buy BF3 when the PS3 version comes with a free game? And of course Sony payed nothing because they're so loved ;)

J/K... 360 owners are not crybaby Anime lovin, angry gothic antisocial Japanese loyalist. 360 fans won't think twice about what deals Sony has with PS3.

Oh well the DLC wait is only 30 days like the free game in BF3 is old as hell and is an arcade game.

b163o12612d ago

^^^^^^This guy loves his 360......

omi25p2612d ago

Some ps3 fans are getting way 2 dramatic about this. Xbox gets 1 or 2 timed Dlcs a year. Ps3 has gotten tons of permanent exclusive dlc with a huge amount of games this year and the year before

Medal of honor, dead space 2, mortal kombat, portal 2, battlefield 3 and more. Yet you never hear of Xbox gamers threatening to boycott those games

DaTruth2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

You should actually wait for a PS3 fan to get upset first before jumping the gun and claiming PS3 fans are upset!

With nobody in the entire comments upset, you just sound like a moron!

raiden-492612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

i like anime so what!
but i haz external sonata for the xbox

room4142612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

There's a world of difference between paying for extra content and paying to keep content off of other platforms.

MoveTheGlow2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Kingdoms, you're totally right. The entirety of 360 gamers could never be one Japanese loyalist. You got me there, bud!

But I'll raise you this: Bill Gates is not 18 fascist Persian kittens. So there. I think.

EVILDEAD3602611d ago

'With nobody in the entire comments upset, you just sound like a moron!'

The guy wasn't talking about the comments section..if you actually read the article you would have read that there is a petion on the site to boycott the game with people already voicing their frustration.

So who sounds like a moron now...

On topic..who cares if there is a boycott, it wont stop me from buying my most anticipated title DLC or not. The PS3 gets exclusive content and 'Da Truth' is no one complains or puts out useless boycotts to try to smear games. Past boycott fails include Modern Warfare 2 etc.

But if people don't want to buy the game..their choice.


Bonobo123452611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )


People voicing their frustration?
LOL you obviously haven't even looked at the thread, The OP is just an overreacting fag, I have yet to find one other serious poster that agrees with him, Practically everybody is telling him to stop being such a baby.

so now you look like a moron....

EVILDEAD3602611d ago

@ Bono

I clearly responded to ONE person not the entire thread..and my point stands..

Now it's YOU that is now wearing the 'moron' crown..

Bonobo123452611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )


"'With nobody in the entire comments upset, you just sound like a moron!'

The guy wasn't talking about the comments section..if you actually read the article you would have read that there is a petion on the site to boycott the game with people already voicing their frustration. "

when you say People in this way it's plural.
you meant the people on the site where it is only one that I can see. If you had said 'with a person already voicing his frustration'I would be wrong, but you did not, and I'm not..

I think this 'crown' belongs to you....

edit: I'm sure there is more than one noob being pissy about this somewhere, but your attempt to make the situation out to be more than it is fails.

JoySticksFTW2611d ago

this thread was laughs right here :)

"The moron crown belongs to you now!"

"No, YOU look like the moron now!"


Thanks, guys. It's good to laugh before that hurricane comes down on us.

Winner: b163o1 for his "^^^^^^This guy loves his 360......" comment

_Aarix_2611d ago

"360 owners are Japanese loyalist"

Wait, WHAT!

DaTruth2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

What Bonobo12345 said! Thanks for doing the legwork! Bubbles under helpful!!!

And the guy I was responding to placed the "crybaby Anime lovin, angry gothic antisocial Japanese loyalist" pin on every PS3 owner! When a site(N4G) known as PS3 fanboy central has not one person upset, it is moronic to call all PS3 owners crybabies about it... It is also moronic to defend the moron!

He's also clearly trolling, which is moronic in nature! But even the contents of his moronic behavior is moronic. Defending trolls is also moronic and defending moronic trolls who's trolling is moronic is doubly moronic! Try saying that three times fast!

Bubbles to Joysticks! You pointing that out was also very funny!

Persistantthug2611d ago

More likely Sony incentivises in other ways....

like better royalty rates on various platforms. Keep in mind EA makes more money with Sony because Sony has more than just the PS3. Some people forget that Sony still has PS2 that still sells games and PSP/VITA.

EVILDEAD3602610d ago

'when you say People in this way it's plural.
you meant the people on the site where it is only one that I can see. If you had said 'with a person already voicing his frustration'I would be wrong, but you did not, and I'm not..

I think this 'crown' belongs to you....

edit: I'm sure there is more than one noob being pissy about this somewhere, but your attempt to make the situation out to be more than it is fails.'

LMAO @ at YOU still not being able to read either. WTF are you talking about anyways. i'm talking prural vs. one guy? Who is talking about a thread?

Here is MY quote..

'The guy wasn't talking about the comments section..if you actually read the article you would have read that there is a petition on the site to boycott the game with people already voicing their frustration.'

This based on the actual ARTICLE which says..

'There is a petition in the forums of PSU calling for PS3 owners to boycott the game. At the very least, gamers are voicing their frustration with exclusive and/or timed content.'

Again..just in case you didnt read slow enough..GAMERS (plural) are voicing THEIR (plural) opinion.

Not only do you wear the now have fail written all over your forehead. This was a waste of my time anyways as its just a bunth of trolls calling each other trolls. So please let me step away from the silly hypocrite war. Just commented on FACTS from the article...again..comment please troll on


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zeddy2612d ago

i probably wont even have scratched the surface of this game before the dlc comes out for my ps3. more importantly i have yet to see any ps3 footage, so you can bet the 360 version will perform better, that would be an actual reason to get it for the 360.

NCAzrael2612d ago

You are aware that the DLC probably won't be out for a good 3 or 4 months, if not longer, after the initial release, right? If in 3 to 4 months of playing you still haven't even scratched the surface, then I might suggest actually starting the game instead of just staring at the menu screen.

morganfell2612d ago

Exclusives > exclusive content.

This is even less significant as it's timed rather than exclusive. I think it is good to let them work out the horse armor prices before it comes to the PS3.

ryhanon2612d ago

"I think it is good to let them work out the horse armor prices before it comes to the PS3." <-- Hilarity.

Somebody is wearing his Comedy Cape +2.

Sony3602611d ago

There's a reason you only have one bubble.

BrianG2611d ago


Why? Because he is right, exclusive games are better than exclusive content.

So by that logic he only has 1 bubble because of people who don't like the truth.

SephirothX212612d ago

Seriously, with the amount of hours in Skyrim, who will be playing dlc straight away? I've a 360, PS3 and a powerful pc and I'll be getting it for pc obviously but timed exclusive dlc for a 300+ hour game that arrives on one console only 30 days earlier than the others would not make the 360 version any more appealing to me than the PS3 version.

dougr2612d ago

For me personally, I'm sick of X-box always getting DLC for the games I like first, because by time the DLC comes for PS3 I'm already sick of playing the game. I'm talking about games like Fallout 3 and Oblivion. Thankfully, I just built myself a i5 Sandybridge pc, so now I'll be able to enjoy the developer content as well as custom content, while still getting to play the games I want on PS3 that don't offer the same experience or any experience at all on PC such as NHL 12 and Uncharted 3.

BobbyMcCOOL2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Doesn't matter the game is so long by the time you finish the campaign, the dlc will be out for PS3.( if your playing quickly) Microsoft needs to but money into making real games not exclusive DLC, thats just lazy. plus if your gaming on PS3 you have more than enough to play until it does come out. Who cares. I'll play Uncharted, StarHawk, ECt..... until then.

Tanir2612d ago

very true bobby, it will take 30 days for a normal person with a life, gf and job to even beat the game, and thats if they are going hardcore.

i know it would take me months lol, so by then the dlc would have BEEEeEEEEEN out

InNomeDiDio2612d ago

But most people here don't have a life or a girlfriend. Hardly school or job ...

NCAzrael2612d ago

If the DLC were coming out 11/11/11 you'd have a point, but that's not the case here. Bethesda has already said they won't be releasing small DLC packs, but instead will be doing larger expansion style packs similar to New Vegas' DLC. We probably won't see the first DLC until April of next year, if not later, which means that most people will already be done with a sizable portion of the game and will be ready for new content.

Granted, at that point I'll be working on my own content for my mod project, but it still kind of irks me to know I have to wait.

Tanir2612d ago

funny, cause anyone who buys this game knowing that there is going to be a game of the year edition anyway is sorta silly, or just doesn't mind paying an extra 40$ for the dlc combined with the norm price.

WAY to many amazing games coming out for me to fall for that gimmick again after morrowwind and oblivion.

Darksouls is first on my list cuz they game is actually going to come complete

jessupj2611d ago

I agree.

$40-$60 plus $120 for the game, that is a fucking joke, that is.

Not to mention Bethesda is pulling this shit again with timed DLC. Granted it's only 30 days, but it's the principle. And please don't bother posting insults if you're to immature to comprehend that simple idea of 'principle'.

Still, I'll be happy to rent this game and have a ball all the way to the platinum trophy. But as long as bethesda dance like little monkeys for M$ they won't be getting my money.

modesign2612d ago

i guess for those 30 days ill have to play BF3, COD3, resistance3, Elderscrolls skyrim(without addons), BM arcame city, uncharted 3

(whats with all the games with 3's at the

sarshelyam2612d ago

The way I see's probably level capped content, so the extra 30 days I'm waiting will allow me to level up and jump right in when the DLC hits.

It's irritating, to say the least, but I'm not going to let it get to me so much as to pass up my most wanted 2011 release. No way!

showtimefolks2612d ago

60-100hrs right out of the box dlc doesn't bother me

what bothers me is i would love to find out how much MS are paying for COD dlc and bethesda for fallout and now this.

all that money could have gone to actually making a 1st party game

MS loaned or paid RS 50million for GTA dlc that's 5 years of development cost of a 100 person team think about that.

5 years to develop a master price???? or some timed exclusive dlc

gman_moose2612d ago

I just think it's pathetic that MS is still playing the "timed exclusive content" game after all this time. You'd think they would throw this cash at devs to make exclusive games instead of keep content away from PS3 gamers for 30 stinkin days. All that does is piss people off.

I'm not sure which version I'm getting yet anyway, but if it turns out to be PS3, this won't bother me a whole lot. The game is so damn big anyway, I can certainly wait a bit for an extra mission or items.

Leviathan2612d ago

I feel the same. Microsoft just pisses me off. It doesn't change anything. They're just playing off these multiplat releases because truly, that's all they got. How sad. I'm sure most ps3 owners really don't care. Who truly suffers is the poor kid with only an xbox and nothing significant to play other than multiplats, Gears and Halo. They're (Microsoft) ripping off their customer base by applying their money to "timed" exclusivity instead of unique exclusive content.

Exclusivity cost developers money too, because there is a pretty sharp time/interest ratio in the video game industry.Microsoft must be puttin up some serious cash for all this crap.

No one buys an xbox because of timed dlc.

jessupj2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

I agree with both of you.

It doesn't personally affect me that much, but it severly pisses me off.

Instead of spending money to keep the DLC out of PS3 owners hands for 30 day (because that's effectively what they're paying for, which is rather pathetic), they could actually contribute something meaningful to the industry and fund a new game.

Dark_king2612d ago

Im looking forward to the game but its only going to be a rental.I will wait for the GOTY version with all the DLC included.Im just to cheap to buy all the DLC they have planned at full price.An not because some 30 day wait that actually seems fine to me I just think of those who get it first as Beta testers.

Tru_Blu2611d ago

I'll be doing the same. Sadly it's like that for every RPG these days. You can end up spending $100-120 for the game and DLC or wait for a GOTY and get everything for $60 or less.

Blasphemy2612d ago

@ AntoineDcoolette You have to stand and for what you believe in and not let these crooks do this to us no matter how silly it seems.

Scrupuless2612d ago

Please, no one has the will power to boycott Skyrim!

ReservoirDog3162612d ago

Meh, most of us probably won't even be done with the main quest by the time the last piece of dlc comes out. Does it suck a little? Yeah but even as a stand alone game, Skyrim probably doesn't need* dlc.

Unless it's zombie dlc.

joab7772612d ago

We can only blame ourselves as ps3 owners. We accepted it w fallout 3, w me2 and black ops and we keep buying it anyway. So, its simply only nor money for bethesda. I used to get furious as ppl may remember that w fallout 3 we weren't sure if we would ever get it. I still havnt decided which system to get it for but this wont nav any effect because of the number of games releasing this year.

If ps3 owners boycotted one time, it would end but we wont and we certaintly wont this year. Atleast its 30 days and not a year. Go play one of 15 other games while u wait. Chances r u wont even b done w the game itself. Microsoft may b expecting too much out of this one.

solidt122612d ago

I hope no one is surprised by this. This has been the case with all there games to date.

egidem2611d ago

Now instead of buying studios and increasing their 1st party lineup, Microsoft is just doing kiddish silly things like getting timed DLC exclusivity, which will be available on the other platform anyway. What are they doing???

Muffins12232611d ago

xbl cost because you tend to get exclusive content :) ps3 people shouldn't get mad,we pay for it over xbl for gold,i mean god fanboy should stfu,get a xbox360 fucking pussies....