Mass Effect 3 - New PAX Screenshots Released

DSOGaming writes: "EA released today some new PAX screenshots for their upcoming action RPG, Mass Effect 3. The game looks great and is slated for a March 9th 2012 release on PC, X360 and PS3."

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BrightFalls762608d ago

Looking great. I haven't seen many screenshots of Ashely yet however. I was very dissapointed after playing ME1 and picking Ashley that in game 2 she was nothing but a quick "hey, thought you were dead, ok see ya' later". I know she is to be part of the squad this time, hopefully as an option for most of the game, not a quick mission and then she's gone again.

OdinFallen2608d ago

The whole idea behind that is that, at least how I understood and took it, is that the Story behind Mass Effect is bigger than Shepard and any single one of his squadmates. I loved Ash but think that how they handled it in the 2nd game was perfect, you were gone for what, 2 years? People move on, but anyway, I digress, the fact that they show Kaiden means that Ash/Kaiden, depending on previous choices, is in the game.

In all, you are in luck, lol.

john22608d ago

Yeah, I created a female Shepard and wanted to see how things would turn out with Kaiden. Well, now that I went with also the secretary (in ME2), maybe will have a three-party in ME3, lol :D

BrightFalls762608d ago

Makes sense it does, still was a dissapointment if you invested all your time into one storyline. Although to be fair I have 3 playthroughs. One with Ash, one with Liara and one where I'm just the biggest jerk the galaxy has ever seen:)