Killcams in Battlefield 3 - An Unwelcome Feature?

"In a recent Q&A session with DICE representatives at GameCon 2011, it was confirmed that a kill cam feature would indeed be included in Battlefield 3. This has been a hot topic among gamers and I can see why." - MP1st

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xtremexx2613d ago

i like killcams, but then again as soon as i get killed i jump straight into the game again and thats deffinatelly what im going to do in Battlefield 3 :D

Criminal2613d ago

Same here, I only watch the killcam when I want to double check that it was a fair fight. (e.g. connection lag) Or, when the enemy is camping with a sniper and I wanna figure out where they are.

zeddy2613d ago

me too, you have to see that killcam just to check if you got screwed over or if it was fair. doesnt really matter though, you still got killed.

PinchoVe2613d ago

I ALWAYS watched the killcams. I actually think it helped my game. You can get a lot of information beyond just who killed you and how. You can sometime spot claymores, other players close by, the perks he uses, weapon attachments. Plus it gives you a few seconds to cool off if you get pissed.

Usually when i canceled the killcam it was because i wanted to blindly rush the guy in revenge, which would get me killed. Collecting yourself and thinking your strategy always gives better results.

At least that's how i played with my mantra of "Be smart"

Wenis2613d ago

Killcam AKA teabag cam.

Dee_912613d ago

i prefer killcams over that time respawn junk

Blaine2613d ago


And that is EXACTLY why I hate killcams. Don't get me wrong, I respect you for doing your homework! But I don't think someone who was bested in a firefight should get the benefit of being able to spot, in death, the things you mention. It's even more unfair to snipers, since it's vital for them not to be located--a killcam immediately gives that up as soon as they kill someone, who can then broadcast his position to their team.

JellyJelly2613d ago

I stopped playing Black-Ops because of the connection lag kills. I have a very good connection but got killed by players who weren't visible on my screen. Then on the killcam they were right in front of me. Things like that never happened in BFBC2.

starchild2613d ago

I have mixed feelings about killcams. They help you if you are the one getting killed, but they can hurt your game if you are the one doing the killing.

gamesmaster2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

i take it that Hardcore mode won't include the killcam amongst the usual other things.

so the choice is there, i can't really see this being a bad thing.

Heartnet2612d ago

Dude when u die its not anybodys fault but ur own im sorry :)

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NatureOfLogic2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I want real Killcams(first person view Killcam) that's why Im buying MW3, well that and the other things that COD brings.

I thought people wanted BF3 to be less like COD, why not add killstreaks while you at it.

2613d ago
Criminal2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I play both CoD and BF series, and I like both for different reasons. BFBC2 has the 3rd person killcam system and I think that works too.

I don't think "real killcams" should be the deciding factor in whether you buy bf3 or not, you putting too much weight on this issue.

Chocoboh2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Battlefield 2:Mordern Combat's kill cams worked just fine and they weren't stupid like CoD

rdgneoz32613d ago

"also COD didn't invent Killcams... I'm pretty positive of that, they just made it more known."
Was curious about that and found that list of games on Giantbomb. If the list is correct, then the first game to have a killcam was a Battlefield game :P. So then COD would be the one doing the copying.

gamesmaster2613d ago

don't understand why you got the disagree, it seems Battlefield 1942 was the first game to use killcam back in december 2002

meetajhu2613d ago

You can have 10 heli in air on battlefield. In cod "Airspace is full" just for 2 air units. And cod motivates players to camp for killstreaks while battlefield everyone has to defend a location. The only thing great about cod is the 60fps and controller response which is why console players make it a success.

fullmetal2972613d ago

Battlefield 1942 never used a killcam. The first game to use a killcam was Call of Duty 1 for the PC.

gamesmaster2612d ago

well in 1942 the camera would zoom out above your position and pan over to the action showing you where it happened, so the concepts are similar.

Heartnet2612d ago

Dw BFBC Fanboys will let dice do anything before they start hating :) This game cud be exactly the same as CoD and theyd still be in denial about it :)

Just let em change their opinion when dice do it and hate CoD developers when they do :)

Heartnet2612d ago


I Lold at ur comment and the contradictions it entailed :)

"And cod motivates players to camp for killstreaks while battlefield everyone has to defend a location"

Whose not to say taht the guy camping wasnt defending that location? Jeez just cuz the AI tells u ur defending doesnt make it different from camping :) and here i thought CoD were the less immature of the 2 8-)

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princejb1342613d ago

wow this is one of the features that shouldn't be included in the game, how is a sniper suppose to be stealth if they show where he is going to be

Sony3602612d ago

I hate killcam. Not only do I hate watching myself get killed, but it encourages teabagging.

Good thing this aint COD.

Persistantthug2612d ago

My issue has always been the MINIMAP.....I hate it.
I prefer realism in my games, and there's no such thing as an always on minimap.

That's why I play hardcore only.

Heartnet2612d ago

Theres no such ting as a guy holding a machine gun and a rocket launcher either and shoot it on the run but hey :)

Persistantthug2612d ago

and in BFBC2, when you shoot, you stop running.

Just sayin.

But yeah....not having the minimap always on, it adds a level of "intense'ness" when you walk around corners and don't know what's there. Feel's almost real.
Try it.

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GasTankKiller2613d ago

I don't mind killcams. If I'm playing on normal mode I welcome killcams. However, if I'm playing hardcore mode I don't want the killcam.

For people that don't like killcams there's generally always a hardcore mode.

Mister_V2613d ago

I'm pretty sure they've stated that there won't be kill cams in the hardcore mode. And you can turn it off in normal mode.

TheBeast2613d ago

Always good to have a option.

Spenok2611d ago

My thoughts exactly. Well said.

gravemaker2613d ago

i like killcams because this is good thing against campers(you always know where your killer was)

Mister_V2613d ago

I just hope that we don't have to rely on the kill cam. I hope DICE did a good enough job with the whole scope glint feature. Those wookies better be easy to spot.

GasTankKiller2613d ago

Lets just say the "sun" works in your favor. Well if you don't get hit by them

DanSolo2613d ago

Yeah when Wookies get their camp on they can be tough to spot.... and with prone added to the mix it will be tougher so the scope glint should help...

I am glad prone is added though, it was always a bit annoying to me that highly trained soldiers couldn't lay down.... lol

Sandmano2613d ago

killcam nice but not nessary.

jocomat92613d ago

Agreed that's why they have the option to turn it off 8)

HaMM4R2613d ago

I dunno, I played the alpha and alot of the time you would be killed constantly from no where and TBH it gets pretty annoying so i like the idea of killcams. (obviosly not in hardcore mode.)