From Portal Creator Comes 'Quantum Conundrum' Announce Trailer and Info

"Super awesome announcement from PAX 2011 here. Square Enix is working with Airtight Games and Portal creator Kim Swift on a new title, Quantum Conundrum for XBLA, PSN and PC releasing early 2012. The announce trailer is above and the official Press Release is below...."

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TheGrimBunny2611d ago

I can't wait to see how these puzzles play out in the game.

toxic-inferno2611d ago

Looks like a nice idea. Can't see it living up to Portal though...

Kee2611d ago

This looks like it has a very similar concept to portal.

I like the look of it, I think it's another nice concept.

Camb316912610d ago

I watched the walk through video on this. I really like the idea and it is perfect for a arcade game or psn game. I see the resemblance from portal. It's looking like i may get this one.