Eurogamer Game of The Week - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

"Deus Ex is a series that invites players to hurl themselves upon web after web of interwoven mystery and back-story as they work to resolve its central crises. The fact that even the people making its promotional materials seem to get this is probably one key to why the game itself has turned out so well."

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zoks3104058d ago

Im so afraid to pick this game up, a lot of friends are telling me the ai is a mess, if any one on ps3 that have the game please confirm this, because i need a game to play.
I just don't want to waste $60, so let me know please.

grailly4058d ago

The A is fine if you're going to play stealth, but when they attack they act weirdly. Also the cinema tics have a "filter"(?), are badly compressed or something that makes the, blurry compared to gameplay, you'll specially notice this in the opening cinematic that has very close-up shots with a character.

also, if you're playing a localized version, it won't have english, god I was so pissed when I discovered that last night. I'm going to have to play the game with crappy french voice overs.

kamakaz3md4058d ago

Just rent it, you would have to be the biggest deus ex fan like me to have to buy it. The game is amazing. A.I. is just as stupid as other games, even the big 1s like halo. The game is great, its deff. a goty contender even tho bf3 will get that.

RyuDrinksTheDew4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

sorry if this isnt much help, but i have the 360 version, and i havent encountered any problems.

even though i havent played the PS3 version, as you requested, i will still highly recommend the game to you, its fantastic.

edit: oops, thought i hit reply, my bad.

zoks3104058d ago

Its all good man, thanks for the effort.

kamakaz3md4058d ago

more like game of the forever

Bolts4058d ago

Great game, a rare game in a sea of boring repetitive bullshit.

ian724058d ago

I would reccommend this game to everyone who likes RPG/shooter games. I loved Deus Ex (my favourite ever game) and this is as good so far (about 2 hours in, only got it yesterday, UK).
Its also meant to be a very long game, by todays standards, over 30 hours some reviews say.

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