PAX 2011: Battlefield 3 Preview (GameHounds)

Chris Salazar of GameHounds writes:

I’m standing outside a convoy of Humvees, with a silenced pistol out and an M4 assault rifle slung on my back. I soon realize that this is not the big multiplayer battle I was hoping for, but the new co-op mode D.I.C.E. has added to the game. I find my squad mate and we marvel at the level of detail: You can see an individual go through all the fluid motions of reloading, switching weapons, looking around while aiming from the hip or through a sight, and knifing. After the initial “oohs” and “ahhs” we start the mission.

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DeadIIIRed2607d ago

I typically don't go for co-op in games, but this sounds awesome

Undeadwolfy2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

Co-op in games is really fun. I think it should be used more often as an option of course. As bad as MW2 was, im sure you've heard many a time, the Spec Ops missions were really fun especially in co-op. RPG games are fun in Co-op, if they are designed for it. My best experiences were back in the day with my friend playing Gauntlet Legends on the PS1 and Dark Alliance: Baldurs Gate on the PS2 both in Co-op. Shame he moved on to playing exclusively FPS games. Man I miss those days.

But I digress, reading this article, cant wait for Battlefield 3 even more now