IGN: Jurassic Park: The Game - Action Montage

Think there's no action in a point and click adventure game? Think again. These dinosaurs are hungry and want to eat your face.

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chidori6662635d ago

graphics look almost as old as the dinosaurs in this game lol...

news4geeks2634d ago

graphics may be dated but at least everything is clear to look at. Play through any Insomniac, Treyarch or Bungie game and you won't be able to make out a thing because it's a blurry mess.

subtenko2634d ago

ehh....idk... I remember wanting a Jurassic Park 4 movie but now I dont even care anymore. If they made another one years ago, it would surely have more hype than it would have now. Same thing goes for this game I think imo.

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DlocDaBudSmoka2634d ago

the bald-ish guy towards the end kinda looked like Cole from Infamous 1