GameSpot: Driver: San Francisco Review

While Driver: San Francisco is a lot of fun, it isn't without its faults: Missions can get a little repetitive toward the end (particularly if you're doing all the side missions), the storyline is ludicrous, and the less said about the incredibly frustrating final boss battle the better. These issues do little to sully what is a great driving game, though. A wealth of content, fast cars, and the inspired shift mechanic mean you're always kept in the thick of action-packed, over-the-top driving missions that are a thrill to play.

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zoks3102614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Wow they had some great things to say about this reboot. Go to see they never gave up on the series.
I would come home after class back in the day and totally rape the 1st Driver, driving around the cities yanking on the hand brakes at the last sec, pulling off all kinds of stunts.
Loved the LA level with those big ass hills, man that was a fun game.

showtimefolks2614d ago

this game to get great reviews since when i played the demo it was aight but i guess there is more. Its great news since this will be a game i will pick up next year when a month has no major releases for cheap price

from dues ex to now driver and resistance 3 it looks like we will get a lot of games and a lot of quality games can't wait to check em out

great time to be a gamer

byrnezy2614d ago

SP demo I thought was horrible, MP was pretty good fun, will get down the track but not racing out to purchase it