A tribute to Deus Ex: The Best Of JC Denton

DSOGaming writes: "Since Human Revolution is out now, we felt the need to give you something from the original game. So, here are JC Denton’s best lines and yeah, we now know the character that inspired CSI Miami’s Horatio Caine. Simply brilliant lines and by far the best we’ve ever heard in a video game. This is a great video that will make you laugh hard and is a worth tribute to the first – and legendary – Deus Ex. Enjoy everyone!"

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ryhanon2611d ago

I'd call Deus Ex one of my favorite games of all time without hesitation... but wow... being reminded just how bad the voice acting really was back then is a shock. "What a shame", as JC would say.

Also, "a bomb's a bad choice for close range combat" - rofltastic.

yaz2882611d ago

I am playing the game right now and it was really hard to get into but I made it , pretty cool game

the voice acting is OK imo ,I like it
also there are much worse games than that