Crysis Review: 9/10 from GamesRadar

From Games Radar:

"Crysis is a graphical marvel - it boasts the best application of physics we've ever come across and, in the nanosuit, a gimmick that genuinely brings something original and exciting to the table. Despite its occasional lapse, it is a game with a taste of the future - of what can and will be done with PC gaming. At its root, it recognizes that it's the gamer who's the star of the show. Not the graphics, not the physics, not the jungle - just you stuck in the middle, making it up as you go..."

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the graphics of crysis are good, but highly over-exagerrated, there are tons of games that have base graphics that are better than crysis, the size of crysis is the only thing that makes it stand out

Andreiy4932d ago

Didn't you got banned from forum?

Bolts4932d ago

You clearly have no idea WTF you're talking about. The texture size of simple objects like a cabinet or a sign at a military installation is beyond that of anything I've ever seen, and thats just the little stuff. This game just doesn't look good, it simply have no peer, and it does so all across the board in stark realistic tones.

OOG FunK4932d ago

lol u make me laugh anyone and everyone knows crysis is the next evolution in graphics of games and really pushes the limits..dont fool yourself


farcry 2 and killzone 2 come out, not to mention other ps3 exclusives, so crysis is no evolution