Start The Party! Save The World! GamesCom 2011 Demo Walkthrough

Announced during GamesCom 2011 and expected to hit retail around Christmas, Start The Party! Save the World! expands on the original Start The Party! with slightly more elaborated mini-games and DualShock 3 compatibility.

Here is a quick walkthrough of the limited demo iWaggle3D was able to check out in Cologne.


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garos822612d ago

classy as usual and very informative. although the game doesnt interest me as a gamer the video was entertaining enough and the previews iwaggle gives are certainly the most proffesional and informative on the web.
i wish he would do other previews not only motion control related

will_c_752612d ago

I agree, this site is needs more exposure, always top notch information

LNDCalling2612d ago

My son loves STP and I dont think its too bad myself lol.. Its a good game to show off not just the fun side of move but the accuracy too!

I told him a new one was coming out and every day he's asking me how many days left till he can get it.

LOL he's only 4 but I set him up his own PSN i.d. about three weeks ago and he's already Lvl 5 :-O

brew2612d ago

That game with the pans looked like it needs work. Free Wollan neogaf!