The 104 PlayStation games of Christmas

If you've got a Sony console, you'll have no shortage of games to splash your cash on in the run up to Christmas.

While all the focus is inevitably on the big AAA titles like Assassin's Creed and Unreal Tournament III (which Sony still has pegged for a pre-Christmas launch, you should note), Sony is, to put it one way, waving its willy about the fact that there are actually a total of 104 games and expansion packs releasing on PlayStation formats in time for the company's Christmas onslaught.

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TheHater4926d ago

I only own 15 playstation 3 games. I would have gotten 10 more by they end of this year. But I decided to by my 360 this XMAS. So I will be only getting 3 more playstation 3 games this year, and one 360 game(Mass Effect).

xionpunk4926d ago

I wish I had 1 PS3 game...I wish I had a ps3.

Coffin874925d ago

damn i bought mine on 23/3 (eu launch), and i only own motorstorm, resistance, and warhawk is on its way ..
i'm a student, i had to buy me a notebook.. i have much too little money to own so many games, but this christmas i'm going to buy ass-creed, and maybe ratchet and/or uncharted, both demos were awesome and both games look extreeemely great. and i'm gonna see if lair is worth it, still not sure..

only one thing is sure for me: this christmas i'm gonna buy myself a few games!!!
the other thing is, i wanna own an hdtv soo badly .. xD i was hoping i could get one this christmas, now i hope they will get much cheaper next year....

Skerj4926d ago

Hah my money's spread thin on getting stuff I actually need, a few PS3 games, a few PSP games, Mass Effect, and a Wii with No More Heroes.

gamesblow4926d ago

AAA games like ASSCREED??? 7.0 sounds real AAA to me. I reviewed it at 6 and it was free for me. I'd hate to see someone who bought it, review it. What a waste and shame. Or is it, SHAM?

Reason4926d ago

... Sony should've focused on reviving its first-party flagship football title, NFL Gameday. Wouldn't mind seeing 60 fps and "true 1080p" (or whatever) there, because we all know the other lame company sure can't do it. Or won't.

Skerj4925d ago

EA still has that deal with the NFL so that's a no go unless they go the route of All Pro Football.

Guardian0fPeace4926d ago

...such a load of crap, ps3 has had good games since launch, it's just that the majority of stellar games for it are taking a long time, but they will be worth the wait--I'm def getting KZ2 when the day comes t get my ps3, 3 xtra controllers, few other games and throw a freakin awesome party!! I still love the 360 and my pc--unlike some pc gamers, i still enjoy consoles just as much regardless of their tech inferiority to pc, games are what matter!